5 Best Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs Skin and Coat

omega-3 fatty acids for dogs

If you’ve been observant enough, you will notice that omega-3 fatty acids are often advertised as a key ingredient of many dog food supplements. This only goes to show how vital omega-3 fatty acids for dogs are. In this article, you will know more about this kind of fatty acid and how it can make a dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Moreover, you will learn about the best omega-3 supplements for canines today.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs

Omega-3 fatty acid is a type of fat that has numerous health benefits both for canines and humans. It’s polyunsaturated fat, meaning that our furry friends are not physiologically capable of making their own. As such, dogs rely on their food to get this essential fatty acid.

Omega-3 controls hormones that aid the immune system. It also works alongside another type of fat, omega-6, in regulating inflammation in dogs. This is critical in canine health as inflammation can cause degenerative health conditions like arthritis, allergies, heart disease, and kidney ailments in dogs.

Benefits of Omega-3 For Your Dog

Aside from working with omega-6 fatty acid in reducing inflammation in dogs, there are other functions that omega-3 plays in maintaining canine health. Here are some of the Omega-3 benefits:

  • Boosting the immune system, particularly in senior dogs who are prone to infections and inflammations.
  • Promoting a healthy heart, thereby reducing risks of heart problems and maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • Strengthening the nails
  • Improving dry and flaky skin

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Forms

Effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation begin to appear in about six weeks. However, the efficacy of these supplements may vary from one dog breed to another.

Most of the omega-3 fatty acid supplements available in the market are available in liquid form, although there are also those that come in a tablet. Liquid supplements are more accessible to administer since you only have to mix it in the dog food.

Capsules, on the other hand, may be given as treats although these have to be tasty for your dog actually to ingest it. There are also supplements with snip tops allowing dog owners to slice the capsule and pour the oil into dog food.

Recommended Dosage of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The dosage of omega-3 fatty acid for dogs varies depending on the weight of the pet. On the average, 300mg of omega-3 is ideal for every 30 pounds of body weight. Dosage may be increased if the dog is battling severe health problems. It’s always wise to ask your vet about the safe dosage of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation.

Best 5 Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy dog skin and coat

1. Amazing Nutritionals Omega-3

omega-3 fatty acid chewsHere’s one of the best omega-3 fatty acid supplements regarding value for money. One bottle alone contains 120, chewable tablets. Your dog will likely enjoy those tablets as these are bacon-flavored and even perceive them as treats. The recommended dosage is 2-3 tablets per day depending on the individual needs of the dog.

Aside from helping improve the shine and appearance of dog’s coat and skin, this supplement also has other benefits like joint pain relief, improved hip and joint mobility, and reduced inflammation and discomfort.

This is a vet-recommended supplement that’s safe for all dogs regardless of age and breed. It doesn’t have ingredients like shrimp, crab, or avocado that may hurt your pet.

2. Omegease Omega-Rich Fish Oil Omegease Fish Oil Supplement

Formulated by a pet-loving pharmacist, Omegease is made from pure premium oil produced from fish such as anchovies, wild sardines, mackerel, and herring. These ingredients are sourced from the North Atlantic so you can be assured of the quality. It’s safe from toxins like mercury as well as additives and preservatives.

Administering this is easy because you can just add this to your dog’s food. Dosage ranges from 1 pump for dogs weighing less than 19 pounds up to 6 pumps for canines weighing more than 100 pounds.

This supplement has been getting positive reviews for its effectiveness in treating dry and itchy skin. Aside from having omega-3 fatty acids, Omegease also contains omega-6 and 9 fatty acids that can lead to reduced inflammation and healthier joints.

3. Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Zesty Paws

Alaskan Salmon OilPure wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Zesty Paws is packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this all-natural fish oil supplement is sourced from Alaskan salmon. It is designed to promote a healthy skin and coat. It’s also powerful enough to heal hip and joint pain while promoting good heart health.

This supplement comes in various forms—liquid, soft gel, and tablet, which means you can choose a variant depending on which is easier for you to administer to your dog. If you’re to use the liquid form, simply mix it with your dog’s dry food. The soft gel and tablet versions, meanwhile, are delicious enough for most dogs.

4. Grizzly Pollock Oil Omega 3 fatty acid supplement

Packed in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, this supplement has Wild Alaskan Pollock as its main ingredient. While the said white fish has lower concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids compared to other fish types like cold water redfish, it does offer higher levels of DHA that promote a well-functioning nervous system.

Administering this supplement to your pet is easy as you only need to mix it with his dry food. It has a pleasant taste and smell, reducing the chances that a finicky eater would pass up on it.

This supplement comes in five sizes giving you greater flexibility in choosing a package that suits your budget. The 64-ounce variant can give you more value for money as it can last for up to three months.

5. Grizzly Salmon Oil

salmon oil for dogWith a potent combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this supplement is guaranteed to promote a healthy coat in dogs. This can also prevent dry and itchy dog skin. It also supports a well-functioning immune system while promoting good heart health.

This supplement lists down wild Alaskan salmon as its primary source of omega-3 fatty acid. It comes in liquid form for easy administration in dogs.

You may try any of these omega-3 fatty acids on your buddy now if you want him to have a shiny and healthy skin and fur.

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