6 Must-Have Tools for Safety Walk Your Dog at Night

You may be too busy in the morning or afternoon to do so. It’s alright to walk your dog at night, but it’s highly recommended that you use specific tools to ensure his safety.
walk your dog at night

Are you the type of person who likes to walk your dog? Then there may be times when you are tempted to walk your furry friend at night. You may be too busy in the morning or afternoon to do so. It’s alright to walk your dog at night, but it’s highly recommended that you use specific tools to ensure his safety.

These tools can spare your dog (and even you) from accidents that may occur at night, from careless motorists to criminals. Here are six useful tools to have when you go out for a walk with your puppy at night:

1. Dog Safety Reflector

funflector Safety Reflector - Paw PrintAs you might surmise from the name, a dog safety reflector can keep your dogs visible to other people even at night. You can also wear one yourself so that motorists can see you when walk with your dog at night as these items will reflect the car lights were passing by.

There are many kinds of dog safety reflector to choose from. There are body vests that your dog can wear. Leashes and collars can also be reflective at night. And there are safety reflectors designed to be hanged on dog leashes like the Reflector Reflective Gear.

This paw print safety reflector can also be hanged on backpacks and bags. It can keep you and your dog visible up to 500 feet at night.

2. Illuminating collars

Illuminating collarsWhile dog safety reflectors can keep you and your pet visible at night to motorists, those items won’t be noticeable to other people unless cars are passing by. But with an illuminating collar and leash, your dog will remain visible to others even if you are out in the woods.

Most illuminating collars have rechargeable batteries which make them very convenient to use for dog owners. These collars can also glow for hours. You can also customize how the illumination will flash— slow, steady, or fast.

Check out the Illumiseen LED dog collar, for instance. This collar’s lights can be changed from steady, slow flashing, or rapid flashing with just one click. It comes with a USB cable that allows users to recharge it. An hour of recharge can give up to 5 hours or illumination. Read our other article post for “Best Glow in The Dark Dog Products: Collar, Harness, and Leash” for the recommendation dog collar, harness, and leash that you shall buy for your dog.

3. Dog Coat/Safety Jacket

dog reflective vestWalk with your dog at night not only poses visibility problems. It can also expose your dog to the elements. This is particularly true if you are to walk with your dog on a cold night.

Dog coats or safety jackets can protect your dog against the elements. These things can keep your pet warm, especially during winter time. And if you are to get a reflective dog coat or safety jacket, you’re killing two birds with one stone, so to speak as the jacket can serve dual purposes.

The SafetyPup XD dog reflective vest is a good example. It is a reflective dog vest that is made of high quality, rip-resistant fabric. It provides maximum weather protection so that your dog will remain warm even if you insist on going out for a walk during the winter season. Plus it has a utility strap located at its side where you can put accessories like a poop bag.

4. Mobile phone

This is a rather obvious choice. A mobile phone can serve multiple uses. It can be a lifesaver in cases of an emergency. Make sure to store numbers of an emergency veterinarian, police, and even a taxi service just in case you need to bring your pet to the hospital. But be sure to keep it charged so that you can use it when you go out for a nighttime stroll.

Apart from being a safety necessity, a phone can also serve as a backup light source with its built-in flashlight. You can also use navigational apps to help you track your route in the dark. And you can download, install, and use pet apps for fun and safety.

5. Headlamp

HeadlampWe’ve mentioned that a phone can serve as a light source when walking your dog at night. But it doesn’t mean that you should rely on it for your light source. One, the illumination coming from it may not be enough and two; you run the risk of draining your battery. This could be crucial especially if you need to call someone later on.

This is why it is recommended that you use a headlamp when going out for a night stroll with your canine pal. These tools provide brighter illumination at night than what your phone can give.

You might think that a flashlight would suffice. While that’s true, imagine how difficult it is to pick up your dog’s poo while holding the flashlight in one hand. That would be terrible, right?

The Yalumi headlamp is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for one. It can provide up to 140 lumens which can keep you visible. It is lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it is energy efficient— its batteries can last up to 180 hours!

6. Pepper Spray

safety pepper sprayFinally, a pepper spray can give you the self-defense weapon you need just in case a bad guy tries to attack you. Most pepper sprays today are small and compact enough to be carried by users.

Check out the Sabre Red Campus Safety Pepper Gear. It is small enough to be kept inside your pocket. Its Quick Release Keyring give you quick access to the pepper spray and enable you temporarily to release the pepper spray to be used.

There’re 6 tools that you could use for a safety walk your dog at night. If you have any tools that we don’t mention above, you could share with us on below comments section below.

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