7 Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners That You Could Start Today

To do the training even more fun and easy, you can hand him over some treats to reward him for his excellent work. Here are seven of the best and easy dog tricks for beginners that is very easy for your dog to learn. All of these tricks promise a very fun experience for you and your dog.
easy dog tricks for beginners

Having pets at your home such as dogs is a very blissful, rewarding and stress-relieving experience. You’ll undoubtedly come home happy and contented even after a whole day of busting your body to work, or something stressful or depressing comes up.

Dogs do all their best just to make their owners pleased and happy, but owners should also give back to their dog’s hard work. A dog that knows how to do a lot of tricks can make their owners very happy, but not all of them are born to know a lot of tricks.

However, for your dog to know how to perform several tricks, they should first undergo thorough training. The activities that will be done during the trick training will promote better mental ability and skills training to your dog. Basic commands such as sit, stay, behave and down are prerequisites for dogs to learn even more complicated tricks. They should also be trained with basic manners for them to act accordingly when they are in the public mingling along people and other dogs.

7 Best and Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners

The good thing to start training your dog to perform some tricks don’t have to be boring or difficult. You can teach them just like you are playing with him. However, you must be mindful that not all tricks can be trained to some dog breeds as their physical structure and personality might hinder them to do so.

But we know that are opting for some easy dog tricks for beginners, so don’t be afraid as you’ll surely know more about your dog: his personality, strengths, and skills as you get to train him. To do the training even more fun and easy, you can hand him over some treats to reward him for his excellent work.

Here are seven of the best and easy dog tricks for beginners that is very easy for your dog to learn. All of these tricks promise a very fun experience for you and your dog.

1. High Five

This trick is a sure way to amuse kids and is also very easy to teach your dog. First of all, you must command your dog to sit down and handing him a treat if he does it well. Then hold a treat in front of him while standing or sitting across of him. Then give the “high five” command while softly tapping one of his feet, probably the right one.

Your dog’s instinct is to raise his foot to try to reach the treat that is in your hand. As he raises his foot, quickly put your other hand to it and say “high five!” Afterward, give him another treat and tap him on his head as you praise him for a good job. Repeat the training until your dog becomes familiar with the trick.

2. Shake Paws

After teaching your dog how to do a high five, teaching him how to shake his paws is the perfect time to do it. It is surely a cool thing that your pet can greet everyone by shaking hands. This trick is also very easy to teach.

3. Army Crawling

Dogs usually crawl even without proper training. Its already in their DNA. They usually crawl as they try to scrape off any leftover foods under the table or chairs. However, what will you teach your dog is for him to know how to crawl a little bit farther and also slightly longer.

The first command is to have your dog to be lying flat on the floor. Hold a treat on your hand and put it near his nose for him to be able to smell it without letting your dog to steal it from you. Then slowly pull the treat away from your dog while keeping it low near the floor until he follows it while crawling. If your dog successfully does the trick, praise him and hand him over the treat. However, if he tries to rise up, quickly get rid of the treat and start the training again.

4. Stand on his own feet

This trick might look a little bit difficult to teach your dog. But actually, this trick can be very easy and simple to teach. Start training this trick to him by holding a treat in front of him on a higher level, just enough for him to stand on his own feet. The secret to mastering this trick to your dog is to repeat the training again and again until he can now stand on his own longer and be able to balance himself.

5. Roll Over

This is one of the most basic tricks a dog should learn, but also one of the most difficult to teach. It is a bit advanced than the others and is also a bit difficult to pull it off. You will surely need to have a lot of treats so that your dog makes it through the entire rigorous training.

As soon as he can obey the command to lie down, you can now start to teach him how to roll over. A clicker might be necessary for him to treat so that he can learn how to pair up his tricks with treats.

6. Play Dead

This is also one of the most basic and the most entertaining among other dog tricks. This trick is pretty easy to learn and master especially if your dog now knows how to roll over. Start the training by doing a gun-like hand and shout bang. Upon hearing the “bang” command, your dog will quickly fall down to the ground just like he was dead.

7. Back Up

This trick primarily makes your dog be gentler to the public as it will prohibit him from running away or rushing to people. The trick is also very easy to teach your dog. You must have plenty of treats on hand to keep him in obeying what you tell him.

The secret to successfully train your dog is always to reward and praise him for every good thing that he does. Good luck with your pet training and good luck!

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