7 Amazingly Fun Indoor Dog Games

Indoor Dog Games

There are times during the year when you can’t provide your dog with the freedom of going out for a walk. That could be because of weather changes or maybe you just don’t feel up to it. Snowy winters are somehow the biggest cause of indoor games to play with dogs. Regardless of what the reason might be, there is no reason why your indoor dog activities shouldn’t be just as fun, if not more, than outdoor activities. The below ideas will jog your creativity and get you thinking to keep your dog active.

1. Hide and Seek Treat Version

Dogs love searching and sniffing out things. That is why there’s something called search dogs! They just have it in their instinct and there is nothing that they love more. So, why not make the best use of their talent and turn it into a fun game. Hide a handful of tasty dog treats for your furry friend(s) in cardboard boxes around the houses.

You can busy your dog like this for hours as the excitement of sniffing out the treats is more than interesting. Moreover, in that way you can engage your dog in this indoor dog exercise for a long time and with all the running around they can get their exercise done without an issue.

2. Trickster Games

 Relieve your dog’s boredom with the simple old way of teaching them some tricks. This is not exactly actually one of those indoor games for dogs. Instead, it’s a way to busy your dog’s mind through the long winter days so they don’t start chewing away on all your shoes.

Teaching your dog some tricks with the means of treats as rewards once they properly execute a trick, will get their attention for hours at end. Or at least until you wish to engage them in this activity. Some great examples that you start with:

  • Rollover
  • Sit
  • Sleep
  • Spin
  • Shake hand
  • Bark

Depending on how much snowy days you will be having and for how long you have to keep your dog indoors, you can teach him/her a variety of different tricks.

3. Obstacle Course for Dogs

This is one of the most enjoyable indoor dog games that will not just get your dog busy and excited but you as well. You must have seen all those different obstacle course challenges on TV where people jump through hoops and roll under blockades to get to the finishing line. Well, now it is time for you to recreate that and make a mini obstacle course for your dog.

That can include pillow forts, little towers, big cardboard boxes as blockades and even some toys to create the perfect course for him/her to weave through. The finishing line could be a line of treats to get your dog to be even more motivated than before.

4. Name and Find the Toy

If your dog loves his/her toys then you can engage them with a little naming activity. Canines are naturally very intelligent and can pick up on names quite quickly. Take advantage of this talent of theirs and make a habit of addressing their toys with names of your choosing. These kinds of indoor dog activities will help make your dog sharper to commands and respond quickly to orders.

It undoubtedly takes a lot of patience and time from your end to make sure your dog can learn all the names but it is completely worth it. You can start with their favorite toy because that is what they are most attached to. After they have completely acknowledged the new name and start responding to it then you can move over to a new toy and name.

Now that you can distinguish your dog’s toys’ names you can even ask them to go fetch a certain toy. A more advanced level you can get on is to put the whole pile of all their toys right in front of them and ask them to retrieve a certain toy that you will refer to by name. This could take days and maybe even weeks to master, so indoor games for dogs just got more fun!

5. Classic Tug of War

Ever tried to get something out of our dog’s grip? That is near impossible! Not only do they have an incredible stronghold with their jaws but they also love to be stubborn. You can take that to a fun new level and turn it to a game. There is no limit to how many games to play with dogs as long as you are creative and you know exactly what your dog loves to indulge in.

You can use a rope toy or anything to get your dog playful and start to tug it from them. It is a simple way of engaging your dog and relieve them of boredom. There are even advanced toys that suction to the floor and act as the anchor for your dog to tug at.

6. Which Cup?

The infamous cup game is popular among humans and canines alike. All you have to do is assemble 3-4 cups in front of you. The point is to hide a treat (or treats) underneath one cup while your dog watches. Then you want to shuffle the cups (while your dog watches). After shuffling the cups your dog has to select the one that has the treats in it. Simple, but easily confusing it is always hilarious to watch your dog’s reaction to these sorts of games for puppies indoors.

7. Make Use of Your Stairways

Much like an obstacle course but even simpler and better, you can utilize the stairways in your house as a “course” to go over. There can either be a treat at the bottom or you can race your dog to the bottom of the stairs to see who will make it first. There are many ways for you to use your stairways to play with your dog. You can also try playing “Catch me or Not” while your dog chases you and tries to catch you. Stairs will be involved so don’t trip! 

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