How to Choose the Best Boarding Facility?


It can be a stressful job to leave your furry partner behind while going for a vacation or official tour. There will be no one at your place to take care of your buddy in your absence. The situations sometimes do not allow you to take your dog along. This is the time when you have to find the best boarding facility to look after your friend.

However, not every kennel boarding facility is up to the mark. You need to find the best one. And to find the best boarding facility for your pet, you need to take care of a few things.

What is Dog Boarding Facility?

Dog boarding facilities are basically kennels that keep dogs for a specific period of time when their owners are away due to some reason. The pet owners have to pay a certain fee depending upon the duration they want the boarding facility to look after their pet for. The staff at the boarding feed the dog, take them for walks and ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

However, not every kennel boarding facility is up to the mark. You need to find the best one. And to find the best boarding facility for your pet, you need to take care of a few things. Here is a list of the tips that you must follow so that your pet can get a home like feeling at the best boarding facility for all those days you will not be along.

Take a tour of the facility

Do not rely on what you see on the internet or hear from others about it. Take some time out and visit the facility. Take a tour of the campus and ask questions about the amenities, and all that stuff to its staff. You can also test it by keeping your dog at the facility for a few days before you leave the town for the vacation.

Check out their amenities

Some dogs feel anxious in a new environment. They need some extra space to release the extra energy to feel comfortable. So, you must inquire about the amenities and daily routines of dogs. It might not be easy for your pet to stay at a new place without his family members, so make sure he at least gets the most important things. Do not forget to interrogate about the overnight care for your pet as well.

Know the staff

People working at a boarding facility must have appropriate knowledge of the dogs, their food, their allergies, and other issues. They should be aware of the behavior of dogs as well. Also, the boarding facility must have an all day long service, so no dog stays unattended at any time of the day. A well trained and experiences will be able to solve the problems if they arise. So, it is recommended that you ask about the skills of the staff members from the manager of the facility.


Observe the cleanliness and sanitation

While dogs are known to turn a place into a mess sometimes, a boarding facility must remain clean at all times. Observe every single thing keenly so you can understand the level of service the boarding facility provides. If you see the walls leaking, kennels in despair, and you smell the trash, just move on from there. It means that you need to try the other facilities.


Inquire about the vaccination

Now, this one has to be ultra important. You don’t want your pet to be in trouble because of some other dog. When there are numerous dogs in one place, it is easier for diseases to spread from one animal to the other. Don’t ask about it from them, instead, wait for them to ask about the vaccination status of your dog. That’s how you’ll come to know whether they take the health of dogs seriously or not.

You need to be super cautious with this one. If the boarding facility does not ask for written proof of the vaccination, skip it and move to the other options. There’s a high chance of your dog contracting a disease at such a place. So, it is far better to leave that boarding facility in the first place.

See if they have a vet in contact

Your dog may not feel well in your absence. If you were there, you would take your pet to a vet. Similarly, the boarding facility must have a vet in its contact so if any dog feels a problem; he can be taken to the doctor for treatment.


After all, your mind must be at peace while you are not around your pet. You can also tell them about the doctor you take your pet to. An emergency may arise at any time, and an excellent boarding facility must be ready to handle it at all times.

Medical Facilities

Having links with doctors is all right, but they should be capable enough to handle the situation they get the dog to the doctor. Before leaving your pet at a boarding facility, make sure you check out whether any staff members can take care of the medical issues or not.

If they do not have such facilities, take it a red signal to leave your pet there. Go and try the other options that you have in the area. That is how you will find the best Pet Boarding Melbourne facility for your pet while you are not at in the town.

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