Incredible Benefits of Ginger for Dogs

benefits of ginger

Someone who often visits the kitchen, ginger might not be something you aren’t familiar with but for people who occasionally get a chance to step in their kitchen ginger might be something new. Ginger is one of the very common things that is quite frequently used for culinary purposes, apart from that, it is one of the most beneficial herbal supplement that is used by various patients. People have used it for treating various medical problems and have shown great improvement. From issues related to pregnancy to diseases such as arthritis, ginger has helped millions of people to heal. The benefits do not only stop to humans even animals have great advantages for using ginger. Let us consider the most common pet that you might find in every house these days, Dogs. Studies have proven that there are numerous benefits of ginger for dogs. Let us get some details on what exactly are the benefits of ginger for dogs?

Before we get into that detail we need to know, if it is safe for dogs to consume ginger. The internet is flooded with questions such as, is ginger bad for dogs? Can dogs eat ginger? What amount of ginger for dogs safe to eat? Well the answer to all these questions is, it is safe for a dog to consume ginger and it has quite a lot of benefits for them. It is better is people consult a vet to confirm the amount of ginger for the dog as it may vary from one dog to another.

Nutrients of Ginger

Now let’s come to the fact that what are the benefits of ginger for dogs and what makes it so important? There are so many nutrients that can be found in ginger, such as iron, calcium, fiber, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and so on. The combination of all these elements results in a lot of benefits that make ginger for dogs so important. It can help a dog fight with stomach issues, car sickness, arthritis, and inflammation. If your dog is facing any of the above-mentioned problems then give them a little ginger.

Benefits of Ginger For Dogs

People often get into the debate of can dogs have ginger? Is ginger bad for dogs? Can dogs eat ginger daily? Well, this magical root is proven to have a lot of benefits for dogs. Let’s talk about some benefits of ginger for dogs so you can know if ginger for dogs is safe or not. Ginger and dogs both go perfectly together and dog owners have been using ginger for treating their dogs.

  1. Cancer

This disease is not only heartbreaking for humans but dogs also have high chances of having cancer. Various studies have shown that ginger is quite beneficial for dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer. Studies show that it reduces the growth rate of cancer cells. Another advantage of ginger is that it helps in reducing inflammation in the dog’s body which might lead to developing cancer.

When dogs have caner they undergo several side-effects and nausea is one of the most common things that they experience. This makes them unable to eat which makes them undernourished. Ginger will help in dealing with an upset stomach and help your dog to start eating again.

If you are planning on giving your dog some ginger to treat cancer make sure you consult your vet so that you know the exact amount of ginger for dogs.

  1. Digestion

Ginger for a dog’s stomach is an extremely common use of it. As we discussed that ginger is used to treat dogs having bloating and nausea. This usually is a result of all the trapped gas those build-ups in your dog’s digestive system.

If your dog has frequent stomach problems such as an upset stomach then ginger and dogs might be best-friends here. It is proven to be a magical dose for all the dogs that on frequent levels have upset stomachs. You can also use ginger if your dog has constipation problems.

  1. Arthritis

From all the benefits of ginger for dogs, this might be one of the important and common uses of ginger. This is one of the natural ways in which you can treat your dog’s joint pain or condition. So if you are still wondering, is ginger bad for dogs? Then no, it can help cure your dog’s joint problem. Ginger holds all properties which serve as a natural anti-inflammatory. It has a positive outcome on the reduction of inflammation and helps in relieving pain.

If you add a ginger supplement in your dog’s life you will help them in having the relief that they require to move easily and enjoy their life. So now, don’t think about can dogs have ginger just give them some and see their health improve.

  1. Motion Sickness

Whenever dogs travel in cars, they often feel motion sickness. This problem is pretty common for most of the dogs out there. It causes them a high amount of discomfort and in most cases, there is a high chance of vomiting. In this case, ginger and dogs might be the best combo to go with. As mentioned before while discussing the benefits of ginger for dogs, we discussed that ginger is used for treating an upset stomach, so in this case, you can give your dog a little ginger before you travel. This will help your dog to feel more comfortable while traveling.

  1. Heartworms

This area still has quite a lot of research going on but at least one study has proven that reduction of heartworms in dogs that have been treated naturally by ginger.

  1. Helps in fighting infections

With all the benefits of ginger for dogs, another important one is the ability of ginger to help dogs fight with any sort of infection in their body. Ginger holds antibiotic properties to which it helps the dog to fight against any infection.

  1. Help’s in reducing bad breath

Often owners worry about their dogs having problems of bad breath, well if your dog has some serious issues going on then add his meat in a little ginger tea and you will see this issue would resolve easily.

So these are some of the benefits of ginger for dogs, don’t worry about “Can a dog eat ginger?’ just give them a little after consulting your vet.

As we mentioned most of the benefits of ginger for dogs, it is also important to understand how much ginger should be added to your dog’s diet. This is important to note so that the benefits of ginger for dogs might not turn adverse. The best advisable way is to consult your vet and discuss it with him. The amount of ginger given depends upon the weight of your dog. See the table to figure out how much ginger can your dogs have.

General Guideline of Herbal Usage

Daily Intake of Herbal Products for Dogs

WeightDry PowdersTeasCapsulesTinctures
1-10 lbsA small pinch (1/8 tsp)Less than ¼ cup (1-3 times a day)0.5 capsule (1-3 times a day)1-3 drops (2-3 times a day)
10-20 lbs1 large pinch (¼ tsp)1 large pinch (¼ tsp)½ -1 capsules (1-3 times a day)3-5 drops (2-3 times a day)
20-50 lbs2 pinches (1 tsp)¼ - ½ cup (1-3 times a day)1 - 2 capsules (2-3 times a day)5-10 drops (2-3 times a day)
50-100 lbs2 pinches (2 tsp)½ - 1 cup (1-3 times a day)1-2 capsules (3-4 times a day)20 drops (2-3 times a day)
Over 100 lbsUp to 1 tablespoon1 cup ( 3 times a day)Adult human dosageAdult human dosage

So these are some guidelines of how much ginger you can give your dog. For a better guide make sure you consult your vet and confirm the amount of dose for your dog.

You can give your dog in ginger in a lot of ways. You need to make sure that your dog’s ginger is getting into his system so that they can benefit from them. You need to make your dog ginger appealing for them and this, you need to understand how your dog likes to consume it. If you want to give them ginger in the raw form then make sure to clean it properly and mince it finely. You can also mix your dogs ginger in his food, this will allow them to consume it easily.

Even though there are numerous benefits of gingers for dogs we need to be prepared for some adverse side too. It is very much true that ginger has a high record of being safe for animals to use and the only side-effect that can be noticed or seen in many cases is mild gastrointestinal irritation. The chances of dogs facing these issues are quite low but you need to be vigilant to check the proper dosages.

To conclude we can surely say the benefits of ginger for dogs are indeed overwhelming. So if you are still wondering “Can dogs have ginger?” or “Can dogs eat ginger?” then yes they surely can.

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