Is Neosporin safe for dogs? What You Should Know About It?

Is Neosporin safe for dogs

Scrapes, cuts, and burns can cause excruciating pain. So what is the first thing you do after you get a cut or a scratch?

The instant thought is to clean the wound and apply some Neosporin.

If you do not clean the wound and put some ointment, there are chances that the area will give rise to an infection.

What is Neosporin?

Neosporin is a combination medication, and it is applied to prevent infections from minor cuts and scrapes. As a pet parent, you might have several questions in your head. The overriding thought is the following – Is there a Neosporin for dogs as well? 

Here’s an article that sheds light on the subject, ‘How safe is Neosporin for dogs?’ has also gathered a list of Neosporin alternatives that you can find over-the-counter. So let’s dive right into the article. 

Is Neosporin Safe for Your Dog?

Isn’t it adorable when your dog licks your face and cuddles with you all through the day?

Well, all of that sounds adorable, but licking can be problematic in many instances. While Neosporin is safe for dogs, the only problem is that they might lick the ointment. 

Bacitracin helps treat wounds on canines too. If there are minor cuts, scratches, and injuries, bacitracin will help speed up the process of healing wounds, cuts, and scrapes. 

Neosporin is readily available in the market, and thus, people tend to use it generously.

Consequently, veterinarians suggest that one can use dog-safe alternatives of Neosporin for dogs. 

How effective is Neosporin for dogs?

Neosporin consists of three antibiotics: neomycin, bacitracin, and polymyxin B. These ingredients work together to kill bacteria and prevent infection.

Although bacitracin and polymyxin B are safe for canines, we cannot do the same for neomycin. There is a possibility of a significant side effect such as loss of hearing.

What is the use of Neosporin for dogs?

The most significant advantage of using Neosporin for dogs is that it kills any existing or live bacteria. It stops the bacteria from growing.

When you apply the ointment to the skin, it will create a barrier against the bacteria and prevent them from invading the wound. Neosporin acts as a protective layer against infection. 

You can use Neosporin for ear mites, rashes, and many other skin conditions.

There is a possibility that your dog’s veterinarian may prescribe Antibiotics for dogs wounds. These are special formulations meant for healing cuts, rashes, bruises, and scratches. 

Neosporin Side Effects in Dogs

As we mentioned before, the biggest problem with Neosporin is that your dog may lick it. So even if you put a muzzle on him/her, there are chances of other side effects. 

These side effects include: 

  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

If your dog is showing any one (or more) side effects, it’s time to visit the veterinary clinic. Ingestion of Neosporin can be lethal in some cases. So it is best to be safe and check with the veterinarian. 

When can Neosporin be used on dogs?

Neosporin is used to prevent skin infection in human beings. Pet parents might think it is 100% safe to use Neosporin on dogs, but this may lead to some health problems. 

You ought to do the first thing when you see a cut or a scratch to clean it with water. Then, you can use Neosporin for dog rash. After cleaning the wound, make sure you call the veterinarian and ask for a puppy-safe ointment. 

If the doctor is not reachable and the minor cut/scratch is in an accessible body part, you can use some Neosporin.

Would you mind making sure you cover it with a light dressing so that your dog does not lick it?

If you have an obedient and patient dog, try and put a muzzle overnight. 

When should Neosporin not be used on dogs?

If the wound is easily accessible, it is best NOT to use Neosporin. There are chances that your dog may lick it and get sick. A healthy puppy is a happy puppy, and you do not want them to get sick. 

Expect GI upset after ingestion of Neosporin.

Please note that it is an ointment designed for human beings and is considered lethal for your dog (if ingested). 

A muzzle can help, but aggressive dogs may get it off them while you are asleep. In addition, you have no control over what they would do overnight. Thus, we suggest you opt for some alternatives to Neosporin for dogs. 

So, jotted down a list of dog-safe Neosporin alternatives. 

Neosporin Alternatives for Dogs team gathered the list of the best Neosporin alternatives. These are easily accessible online and over-the-counter as well. 

Skim through the list and find the best product for your dog’s current condition. Please note that we do in-depth research before recommending any medication. This list is veterinary-approved and safe to use on dogs. 

1. Absorbine Silver Honey Hot Spot & Wound Care Spray Gel, Manuka Honey & MicroSilver BG

Wound Care Spray Gel

Absorbine Silver honey hot spot and wound care spray gel have the goodness of Microsilver BG and Manuka honey. It will fight bacteria but will be gentle on the dog’s skin.

The product fights 99.9% of bacteria and speeds up the healing process. 

What we like about the product: 

  • Best for more extensive area application as it comes in spray form.
  • Effective on abrasions, sores, cuts, fungus, wounds, burns, rashes, and hot spots.
  • The gel is soothing on your dog’s skin. As a result, your dog may not feel the need to lick or itch the affected area.
  • The product has a bittering agent which works as an anti-licking mechanism. Dogs do not enjoy the taste; thus, they don’t lick the area.
  • There is a blend of natural ingredients such as Manuka honey.
  • It is a multi-species gel spray. You can use it on horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and even rabbits.

2. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hot Spot & Itch Relief Medicated Spray

Tick bites, allergies, sunburn, anal sac, matted coat, allergies, and fleas can irritate your dog’s skin. This results in your dog chewing or biting these affected areas and getting hot spots.

This is caused by constantly itching, biting, and scratching an area. If your dog is doing this, you need to stop them by putting on a muzzle. 

Aggressive dogs do not let you put a muzzle on them. And that’s why there are medicated solutions like Veterinary Formula clinical care hot spot and itch relief medicated spray

What we like about the product: 

  • The product has Allantoin, which stimulates healing of the affected area.
  • This formula consists of Lidocaine which relieves burning and itching sensation.
  • Hydrocortisone reduces swelling, redness, and inflammation.
  • It is available in spray form thus easy to use.

3. BEXLEY LABS Curaseb Medicated Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs & Cats

Medicated Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs

Your dog deserves the best treatment. In case of yeast infections, hot spots, paw picking, acne, and allergies, use the most famous BEXLEY LABS Curaseb medicated chlorhexidine spray.

It is suitable for both cats and dogs. The product has a pleasant fragrance and is recommended by veterinarians too. 

What we like about the product: 

  • It relieves allergies, hot spots, skin infections, acne, and paw licking in puppies, dogs, cats, horses, and kittens.
  • The spray formula does not sting. Instead, it helps in giving relief from hot spots and itching.
  • The presence of vitamin E and aloe are beneficial. It helps in nourishing and soothing your dog’s skin.
  • You can use it between baths. The solution is easy to use and cleanses paws, wrinkles, groin, and underarms.
  • It has a cucumber and melon scent. The scent does not cause any discomfort to your pet.

4. Pet MD Hydrocortisone Spray for Dogs, Cats, Horses

Pet MD Hydrocortisone

Pet MD hydrocortisone spray is safe for horses, dogs, and cats. This product is free from any dye or fragrances, and once applied, pets experience ultimate relief. In case your dog has sensitive skin, this spray will work efficiently. 

What we like about the product: 

  • It is safe for sensitive dog skin.
  • The product provides itch relief for cats and dogs. Veterinarians have tagged this product as effective and safe.
  • The formula does not sting. It is tailor-made for easy application. Once applied, your pet will be happy and comfortable.
  • In case of skin conditions, you need a product for your dog that acts quickly. This will provide relief from inflammation, itching, and redness.
  • Pet MD is a trusted brand.

5. Vet’s Best Dog Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray

What do you do when your dog itches incessantly? It causes a lot of discomforts, and constant itching could lead to redness and inflammation.

How about using Vet’s best dog hot spot itch relief spray?

It helps relieve dry skin, itching, scratching, rash, licking, and hot spots. 

What we like about the product: 

  • The solution provides immediate relief.
  • The product contains plant-based natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, and aloe vera.
  • Once applied, it does not sting. Moreover, it is alcohol-free.
  • The solution is formulated by a veterinarian and is made with quality ingredients.


We hope this article helped you get an insight into whether Neosporin is safe for your dogs or not. The only problem with this solution is that dogs have a habit of licking and scratching. So licking off the solution is not going to help in the healing process. 

Consider buying one of the products we have mentioned in the alternatives list. 

In addition, look for signs of discomfort in your pet. If they are scratching, biting, and licking profusely – you must check their body for any signs of hot spots, inflammation, or rash.

Use the sprays as mentioned above to help them get instant relief.

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