Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

Dripless Water Bowl

What is typically it with pups when they drink water? If the water is a simple bowl, they appear to obtain water across the floor and do not even care. Pretty much as if it is intentional. Despite it growing to be adorable, it is a wreck. When you own a puppy in your family, you are anticipated to clean behind him/her – that is known as appearing a responsible dog owner.

On the other hand, on the similar note, if there were a solution to avoid some of the doggy messes they make, by all means, go for it. After our four-legged fluffy ball of fur had kept dripping water all over the floor, we decided to take some time to do the lookup to be able to get an accurate product that can potentially eliminate this chaos from happening. As comical as it sounds, that is when we discovered the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl.

Just before you decide to click the web page link and order the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl, we consider it is only honest that customers read exciting features of a product to believe whether or not it is a useful solution for you.

Keep going reading to find out regarding the Slopper Stopper.

What is the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl?

Simply put, it’s a drinking water bowl that holds drinking water and stops the doggie from having water all over the place. Pretty much snagged your interest, did not we?

Who exactly is this Bowl designed for?

This is a dripless water bowl (might be chosen for travel) that is for dogs & cats 45-75 pounds. While it is recommended for medium to large dogs, there shouldn’t be a difficulty with small dogs utilizing it.

Click on Lid

It has a handy click on the lid that will make it easier to keep ears and beards dry.

Help reduce Water Spills

The primary advantage to the Slopper Stopper might be the fact that it lessened water spills and those unpleasant trails that your dog often creates on the floors by up to 85 percent or even more. This water bowl will help decrease unintended falls.

Slows Drinking

This bowl can contribute to slow down your dog while drinking water. More Leisurely drinking means no more choking. The bowl slows the dogs drinking by two times the average rate of consumption time. This Slopper Stopper Bowl is ideal for those dogs that drink up too quickly because often, they throw up soon after – it cracks that bad habit. When you have the product, you should customize it to fit your dog’s size. Larger dogs may need 2 or 3 knockouts removed.

Versatile Water Level Knockouts

The product comes with a total of two knockouts that are already removed as that is the best starting position.

It helps to minimal refill requirement (48 Ounce Capacity). This because spill proof dog water bowl gives you the ability to fill it up all the way to 49 ounces (1.4 liters) in one go. You don’t have to worry about spending a huge portion of your day back, and forth refilling this dog water bowl so that your dog can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Filling this dog water bowl once or twice is often more than enough to keep your dog with the supply of water they need for the day while ensuring you don’t finish up wasting much valuable time doing a tedious task you can be better off limiting.

Will the Dog Know How to Use the Bowl?

Some dogs will know how to get water from the bowl right away as they sense the water. Some the others dogs might need time to use it. As a simple way to train them to drink from this bowl, dab a tiny amount of peanut butter on the inside lower edge of the ball shape of the lid. The dogs will smell the peanut butter and start to lick it and then realize there’s water there as well. size-chart-bowl-for-all-dogs However, the majority of dog owners find that after breaking through this short transition phase which usually works itself out once your dog gets the hang of drinking from their new bowl, they’ll give you no nagging problems whatsoever in making this their new go-to bowl for all drinking purposes.

Dog Gets the Same Amount of Water on a Daily Basis

There’s no need to worry because the dog will still get the correct same amount of water on a regular basis, it merely slows their ordinary rate of consumption time down. With most of the other bowls, you end up cleaning up to 50% of the water off the floor. There will have 85% or more of the water was consume by using the Dripless Water Bowl.

How Do I Know If A Spill Proof Water Bowl Is For Me?

So, how can you tell if/when it’s time to eliminate the old, regular dog bowls you have for your dogs and grab yourself a couple of spill-proof dog bowls?

The answer to this question is a simple “whenever the need arises” indeed. It doesn’t have to be more scientific or technical than that, folks.

  • Do your dogs dive-in their water bowl while drinking violently, which ends up leading to a massive splash of water around that specific area on the floor?
  • Does your dog tend to put their entire mouth in the water rather than just relying on using their tongue?
  • Does your dog not seem to comprehend the concept of drinking water from their bowl slowly and calmly, but consider it to be a race of some sort where the faster (and, as a total result, the more sloppier) they drink from their bowl, the better?
  • Does your dog not appear to be able to keep their bowl in place on the floor while drinking from it. But keep on having on the move and, as a result, spill a good portion of that water on the floor and leave you having to dry those spots off with a towel for what eventually adds up to many wasted hours that could have been better invested?
  • Does your dog finish drinking water from their water bowl only to move around the house with water still dripping from their chin and all over your carpets, furniture, and flooring and carpets? Do you have tile that’s easily ruined after enough water gets dripped on it and gets soaked?
  • Have you tried to install a spill-proof dog mat under your dog’s water bowl? One which covers a sizable area around their water bowl as well, only to have them manage to get water all over their beards, ears, and face and have that water drip all around the homely house and away from the spill-proof mat.

If your answer to any of the above questions was “YES,” then it’s high time that you got a couple of no mess dog water bowl for sloppy drinkers for Fido and put an end to all this unnecessary mess, all while not compromising their comfort at all.

Final Thought

Point blank, if you care about your floors and are tired of cleaning up water trails, the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl is a realistic solution for you.



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