The Best Dog Backpack Reviews (2020): Safe Backpack For Your Hiking Companion

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Having a large dog is a dream come true. You can take it with you on several different occasions. Hiking, hunting, tracking, long walks, and picnics are just to name a few. A trained dog is a great friend to have by your side. It is fun to have it in your company when you are outside running errands or just having fun. However, your furry fellow also needs to pack essentials whenever you head outdoors in his best dog backpack.

This is why your dog needs to have a backpack of its own. They are many things that a dog must never leave the house without. So, to make sure your dog keeps up with its necessities and essentials, you should buy a cute, lovely backpack. Obviously, you will want to choose one pack, and we will do what we can to help you in that endeavor. Let’s start by sharing some of the best dog backpack reviews to help you make your mind up.

What is a Dog Backpack?

A dog backpack is an attractive and safe storage option designed to meet all of your dog’s needs. Your dog needs it when it goes out with you. It can be comfortably fixed with straps and causes no pain or strain on your pupper’s muscles. You can fill it with a few necessary things that your dog needs on a walk. The best dog backpack is spacious enough to suffice for your dog’s water food, treats, and a few other accessories.

Choosing the best dog backpack is possible only when you know what your dog needs. You may need a more spacious backpack if it is a large dog and goes out with you for a full day or longer. Hence, you must know what the best dog backpack in the market is to be able to make a wise choice for your dog.

Why You and Your Dog Need a Dog Backpack?

You must be wondering why my dog needs a backpack! Well, there are several reasons why you need to buy the best dog backpack for your dog. You know that dogs are intelligent fellows. They can understand many things in life that we do not even notice.

Wearing the best dog backpack will make your dog feel happy. This is because dogs love to keep busy at all times. Carrying a backpack makes them feel like they are paw-sitively contributing to life.

Dogs love helping their masters. Therefore, they carry a backpack happily while feeling like helpful fellows for their master. When you see your dog happy and active with its new backpack, understand that it is proud of helping you.

What are some Dog Backpacks Features That You Should Consider Before Buying?

There are a few essential features to remember when purchasing dog saddlebags or backpacks. Some of these features are capacity, fit, padding, breathability, and visibility. This is especially important if you are looking for dog backpacks for large dogs. You can select a backpack’s capacity depending on how much stuff your dog owns and how much of it you will frequently pack when heading outdoors.

As far as fit goes, the best dog backpack will be one that fits snugly on your dog. Every store that sells dog backpacks comes with a sizing chart, so you should have no trouble finding the right size.

You need also to make sure that your furry friend is comfortable with their new backpack. This is why the padding and breathability of dog backpack saddle bags are vital. The material should be soft and breathable so that your dog doesn’t feel suffocated or annoyed with their new accessory.

Last of all, focus on visibility. If you go out at night a lot or are planning a hiking or camping trip, make sure to get a backpack that comes with reflective patches or strips. This will make it easier to spot your dog in the dark and also prevent you from losing it.

The Best Dog Backpack Review

There are many options to pick from when searching for the best dog backpack. We have made a list of some of the best dog backpack reviews to help you make up your mind. Whether you are looking for the best dog backpack for hiking or dog backpacking gear or the best dog hiking pack, we have you covered.

1. OneTigris Saddle Dog Backpack

At the top of our list is the One Tigris Dog backpack, which is great for camping and hiking. It is easily the best dog backpack when it comes to the outdoors.

Customers who have used this backpack call it a “lifesaver” and highly praise its fit, finish, and quality. As far as dog backpacking gear goes, this quickly makes for the best dog hiking pack. It comes with sturdy straps, sufficiently sized pockets, and zippers that hold.

Key Features of One Tigris Dog Pack Hound Travel:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Very suitable for large dogs because it is durable.
  • Spacious storage space: 3L pouch with two 2″ by 7″ loop panels on either side for carrying dog food, water, treats, and toys.
  • Bottom drainage hole to release water.
  • Separate sections for different accessories.
  • Comfy belly strap with V-Ring for dog leash attachment and clear ID Window on the top.
  • Safe zipper.

2. Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack

One of the best features of this backpack is that it is lightweight despite its bulky appearance. It is a dog backpack for large dogs and can carry a large number of items in one go.

Customers who used this dog backpack saddle bag loved how their dogs barely noticed that it was there. It is easy to fit onto your dog and comfortable enough that your dog will hardly see its presence.

Key Features of the Kurgo Dog Saddlebag Backpack:

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Integrated dog harness and it have reflective trim to help visibility in the dark.
  • It comes in two different sizes, 3.75 liters and 7.5 liters.
  • It has two-sided storage options for balanced carrying.
  • Lifetime warranty.

3. RUFFWEAR - Approach Pack

This Ruffwear dog backpack is made for dogs who love to explore. It has an integrated harness that improves overall usability and performance. The sturdy design of the Ruffwear dog backpack makes sure that it can efficiently carry a larger than average load without troubling your dog.

The material is also very high quality and does not wear and tear with ease. It can easily last you up to a year or more if your dog does not outgrow it.

Key Features of RUFFWEAR – Approach Pack:

  • Suitable for long journeys.
  • Streamlined design and it has reflective trim.
  • Suitable for multi-size dogs.
  • Non-slip straps and it has two leash attachment points.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.

4. Daypack Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound

If you want a stylish and highly functional option, then the best dog backpack for hiking would be the Daypack Dog Backpack. One of the best-selling backpacks, this one comes in an array of sizes to fit any dog. If your puppy is a small one or a larger breed, you can rest assured that there will be a size that suits them.

The versatility of this backpack is great because you can also stick to the same one as your dog grows. You can be sure to trust this brand and establish an identity for your dog to continue wearing this specific backpack for a long time.

Key Features of Daypack Dog Backpack Hiking Gear by Outward Hound:

  • Keeps the dog cool on long walks.
  • Stylish and safe for the dog and accessories.
  • It comes with reflective trim for visibility at night.
  • Added with extra pockets.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • 2 colors and 3 different sizes.

5. Excellent Elite Spanker - Dog Saddle Bag Backpack for Medium & Large Dog

An excellent option for more sensitive dogs, the Elite Spanker, is made from high-quality nylon and generously padded to prevent chafing and irritation. It also comes with adjustable belly straps and a UTX-Duraflex quick release buckle as well as a molle system.

If you want to attach a leash to the backpack, you can also do that. If you ask us, this is easily the best dog backpack there is.


  • High-quality 1000D Nylon material and finishing.
  • Suitable for hiking.
  • Magic sticker ID panel allows change of patches.
  • Helps in training the dog with direction handles.
  • Safe plastic buckle.
  • Attachable with the dog leash.

6. Wellver Dog Backpack Saddle Bag Travel Packs for Hiking Walking Camping

Users of this backpack swear by its stability. While most dog saddlebags require the equal placement of weight on either side to maintain balance, this specific backpack does not have any such requirements. It maintains stability and balance regardless of how you decide to pack.

Customers have also mentioned that this backpack works best with female dogs as it comes with a strap that seals under the hips and can become a cause of discomfort for male dogs.

Key Features of Wellver Dog Backpack Saddle Bag:

  • Lightweight and washable.
  • For multi-purpose walks with your dog.
  • Layered with breathable mesh and suitable for summer and sunny days.
  • Sturdy buckles for easy tying and untying.
  • Two roomy pockets.
  • Adjustable for big and small dogs.

7. OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness Training Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches

A worthy addition to the list in the search for the best dog backpack, the OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest is a versatile choice. One of the best things about it is that it comes with harnesses for a wide array of patches such as “do not pet” and blood type.

Unlike the average backpack, it comes with three pouches, which makes it easy to carry more stuff. Another reason you might want to consider this particular dog backpack for large dogs is that it looks badass as heck.

Key Features of OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness:

  • Highly durable with 1000D nylon structure.
  • Water, dirt, and abrasion-resistant.
  • The two sides have molle pouches and molle straps.
  • Two grab handles for safe handling.
  • Perfect for large dogs.
  • Adjustable for medium dogs as well.

8. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest with Hook and Loop Straps and Detachable Backpacks

This backpack is ideal for service dogs, and the best part is that the harness is detachable. This means that you can easily change it into a pack if you wish to. It also comes with a belly buckle making it that much easier and faster to strap it onto your dog.

A lot of users voted it as the best dog backpack for its ability to allow for growth, which means you don’t have to keep buying different sizes as soon as your doggo grows.

Key Features of Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest:

  • Made of the strongest material in the market.
  • No more frayed edges opened seams, and faded surfaces.
  • Two-in-one – harness and backpack.
  • Removable patches.
  • Flexible and easy belly straps and buckles.
  • Very good for the dog training period.

9. Ruffwear - Palisades Multi-Day Backcountry Pack for Dogs

Another ruffwear dog backpack choice is the Palisades Multi-Day Backcountry backpack. It is incredibly stylish and works very well with short daytime trips. So if you are not one for hiking, camping, or long outdoor trips, this backpack is the one for you and your dog.

It can also be adjusted to use as a harness, which gives you two products for the price of one. In this way, it is the best dog backpack since you get more for your buck.

Key Features of Ruffwear – Palisades Multi-Day Backcountry Pack for Dogs:

  • It comes with hydration bottles capacity 1 liter.
  • Spacious and suitable for multi-day journeys.
  • Removable saddle bag for decreasing the load.
  • Leash attachable through a safe port.
  • Flat-able hydration bottles.

10. Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Supply Backpack Saddle Bag for Camping Hiking Training

This dog backpack is waterproof, which makes it the best dog backpack for hiking and outdoor activities. Dog owners have especially praised the pack for its exceptional comfort. With this backpack, there are no chances of your furry friend experiencing chaffing. It is also quite lightweight and does not appear to bother the dog at all.

The padding is also very nicely done, which allows you to pack a lot of supplies without your dog getting bothered at all.

Key Features of Lifeunion Adjustable Service Dog Supply Backpack:

  • Double polyester material
  • Comfortably fits with an underlying mesh
  • Spacious for all dog necessities
  • Built-in, sturdy handle
  • Perfect for multi-purpose walks with dogs

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Before buying a dog backpack, there are a lot of questions that will bother you. Most of these questions will not even be answered in any of the dog backpack reviews you read. This is why we have created a special section to answer many frequently asked questions you might have.

If you are heading to the great outdoors to spend a few days in the wild and wish to bring your dog with you, then you will need to pack about twice the usual amount. There will be your supplies and gear to carry, but you will also need to pack for your dog. So instead of making your life difficult by bringing all that extra weight, you can just have your dog carry its gear. In general, young and healthy dogs can carry up to 25% of their weight.

When you allow your dog to carry its supplies and necessities, your dog will also grow tired at the same pace that you do. This is why dog saddlebags are so important. Otherwise, you will find yourself growing tired much faster which will ruin your trip. It is instrumental to find the best dog backpack for this purpose to make your life and our dog’s life easier.

Not! You need to make sure that your dog is young, energetic, and healthy before deciding to purchase a backpack. In fact, before looking for the best dog backpack options, you need to make sure that your dog is capable and comfortable with wearing one.

All the dog backpack reviews will emphasize on the importance of using dog backpack saddlebags on dogs who are not too young or too old. In the development stage of a dog, when their skeleton is still growing, it is not advised to use a backpack. This will only stunt their growth and could affect their strength as well.

Senior dogs will also be tired quickly if made to wear dog backpacking gear. Similar to puppies, it will stress out their skeleton and joints. You should also pay attention if your dog has any diseases or illnesses such as arthritis. In situations like these as well, it is inadvisable to strap a backpack on them even if it is the absolute best dog backpack.

There are several reasons to make your puppy carry a dog backpack. However, as mentioned before, you should be careful when using bags with puppies. Their skeletons are still not fully developed, and having hem carry heavy weights or wear big backpacks might disturb their growth and, in severe cases, stunt it.

If you still wish to get a backpack for your puppy, you should make sure that it is one of the best dog backpacks out there. You should also make sure that it is small and delicate, so it does not cause any discomfort to your little puppy. Also, try not to put anything substantial in the bag so that your little friend can get accustomed to wearing it and also not have to deal with a lot of weight.

A lot of times, people shop for dog backpacks for the aesthetic, especially when it is for puppies. If you are one such person, then you will be happy to know that you are not alone. Many others share your interests. Just be sure that you are not burdening your puppy with weights and do not pack them up for a hiking trip.

It does not matter if it is the best dog hiking pack there is, a puppy should be treated how you would treat a baby.

The size of your dog will largely determine the amount of weight it can carry. Without a doubt, larger dogs can carry more weight while smaller ones will carry lesser weight. It is also quite challenging to figure out if you are burdening your dog or if they are just annoyed with taking things. Some dogs are stubborn that way and will quickly make you feel like you are making them carry a lot of weight.

An easy way to figure this situation out is to go with a simple rule of thumb: 25% weight. No matter what, you should never make a dog carry more than 25% of their weight. Of course, you can go lower instead and settle for 10% or so. For example, a 100lbs dog can carry up to 25lbs.

If your dog is not trained to carry a backpack or anything at all, they might give you a hard time in the beginning. But, it is important to try again and train your dog well without forcing them. You can also start small and build on it to help your dog adjust to the concept of backpacks and weight.

You can also make it easier for your dog by balancing the weight on either side of the backpack. That way, your dog will not feel heavier on one side and attempt to get rid of the bag altogether.

Most online stores come with sizing charts, which will help you determine what fit to purchase. However, reading those charts can be a bit tricky, especially if it is your first time buying a dog backpack. To get the best dog backpack, you need to make sure that it is a snug and comfortable fit for your dog.

You can also avoid this by heading to a store and getting your dog measured and weighed over there. But, we all know that this option is not as convenient as enjoying shopping from the comfort of your home.

Girth is the most crucial factor to consider. There are many backpacks designed based on length and weight as well. You can measure your dog’s rib cage circumference for the easiest way to find out their girth. Do this at the widest point, which should be right behind your dog’s front legs.

For the length, you should measure your dog from the nape of its neck to the base of the tail. If this sounds like a lot of trouble for you, there is a more natural way about it. The next time you are headed to the vet, ask for your dog to be measured. Getting it done by a professional will probably be far more comfortable and more accurate than if you attempt to do it on your own.

Another factor to consider when buying a backpack is your dog’s weight. It is imperative to make sure you have the correct weight because this will determine which size you will purchase and also how much weight you can pack in the bag. You can use a bathroom scale to weigh your dog. Just stand on the level while carrying your dog and then subtract your weight. It is not the most accurate of techniques, but in times of need, this will work as the best estimate.

Otherwise, you can always just get your dog weighed at the vet’s as well.

Final Thought / Conclusion

You can certainly make your life easier by reading up on the best dog backpack reviews before deciding on a backpack for your furry little friend. However, you should also make sure that you know the basics such as how much weight to carry, what size to buy, comfort levels, padding, and fit measurements, and so on.

You also need to determine what you will be using the backpack for. If you take a lot of outdoor trips, then a waterproof and breathable bag will make for a better choice. If you are someone who enjoys short outdoor trips during the day, then something more lightweight and perhaps even smaller would get the job done. And if you just want a backpack so your dog can look stylish, then you could go for options that focus on appearance more than functionality.

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