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Do you own a dog who loves to enter adventures frequently? If yes, then you should consider buying a life jacket for him as soon as possible. This is a necessity for your dog. You cannot ignore it. The good news is that market offers you a large variety of life jackets. You can choose from them the best dog life jacket for your dog. So, whether you have a big dog or a small one, you need to buy a life jacket for him. Continue reading and find reviews of the top 10 life jackets that can help you choose a smart item for your dog.

What is a Dog Life Jacket?

A puppy life vest is designed to help your puppy stay safe and floating in the water when he can’t swim. If he is swimming for a long time or the waters are rough, he needs a life jacket. It is made of durable and waterproof material. Every life jacket is adjustable according to the specific features of the body of the dog wearing it. Hence, a dog life jacket is secure and snug for any dog who wears it.

Why Does My Dog Need A Life Vest?

Your dog needs a life jacket even if he knows how to swim. A sudden fall in the water, while you play water sports in the company of your dog, can cause panic to your dog. Sometimes a longer distance of swimming can make him exhausted. So, when you take your dog in deep waters with you for boating or swimming, it is necessary to keep your dog wearing his life jacket. Even if you are going for a picnic near a water body, keep the dog flotation vest with you.

Benefits of Dog Life Jackets

Are you wondering why you need to buy a dog flotation vest! Well, there is every reason to buy a dog vest. First of all, not all dogs are like or able to swim. Even if they can swim, they can get exhausted and face threats to their lives.

Moreover, water bodies can hide unseen hazards. Some fully submerged debris or branches can entangle around your puppy’s legs. For surviving such situations, he needs to be wearing a life jacket.

A puppy life vest keeps him warm in the water, especially when the weather is cold. Also, you can easily spot your puppy in water from a distance because of the bright colors of the vest. The life jackets for puppies come with handles on top, which help you haul your dog to safety in the time of need. In case you are training your dog how to swim, you need to keep him wearing a lifesaving vest to avoid any accident.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Life Jacket

Do you know what the best life jacket is for dogs? Well, there are some key points that you need to focus on when you search for a lifesaving vest for your puppy. The first thing that you focus on is the size and breed of your dog. Life jackets come in many different sizes to fit all different body structures. Don’t worry if you have a big doggie. You can easily find an extra-large dog life jacket.

Always get a durable vest. You do not want it to disappoint you and put your pup’s life in danger. Moreover, the reflective strings and bright colors of the life jacket keep your dog in your vision day and night. So, get a vest that has these features.

Best Dog Life Jacket Reviews for Your Dog Life Saver

How and where to buy dog life jackets? These are the essential questions to answer first. You can find top brand vests for your dog from online stores. Pet stores also sell them. Just know what size and design you exactly need for your dog, the rest is easy. We are listing here ten famous and trustworthy life jackets for pups. Keep reading to have a clear idea.

1. RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Jacket for Swimming, Adjustable, and Reflective

The Float Coat is the ultimate choice of dog owners who care for the safety and life of their canine fellows. Now, you can take your dog with you to your water sports and other adventures close to water bodies. This is the best dog life jacket that has several key features. Whether you are searching for a German Shepherd life jacket or a small dog life vest, this can be a good selection. Check the pros and cons on below section.


  • Available in 5 different sizes and four different colors
  • Firm and robust for all sizes of dogs
  • Closed-cell foam panels for extra support for swimming and floating
  • Ideal for kayaking, rafting, paddle boating, surfing, and swimming
  • No exposed buckles for extra safety


  • It is costly

2. Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

If you are still wondering what is the best life jacket for dogs, consider this life jacket. This is the best dog life jacket if your dog is playful and hyper. It ensures the maximum safety of your pup without hindering his playful activities. It keeps him safe, and you satisfied.


  • Two top handles enable you easy pup rescue from the water
  • Seven different sizes to fit nearly any dog
  • Reflective material and bright colors to help you spot your dog at day and night.
  • The neck-float is made to save the dog’s head from drowning in the water.
  • Low price


  • The fitting is slightly poor
  • The materials are not the highest quality

3. Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest for Swimming and Boating

Paws aboard dog life jackets are best suitable for those who love lively designs and bright colors. This is a neoprene dog life jacket that you would love for your canine fellow. This is affordable and is available in a bright red color. Your pup will easily be visible to you at all times of the day. If you are searching for a lifesaving vest that is useable in all seasons, then this is the best paws aboard dog life jacket.


  • Breathable material makes it the best dog life jacket for all seasons.
  • A sturdy handle on the top for the easy rescue of the dog
  • It is made of a material that dries quickly and keeps your dog warm and dry
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Flexible and lightweight material
  • Allows the dog to be active and mobile without any trouble


  • Not very helpful in keeping the dog upright in the water

4. Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle

The Vivaglory New Sports Style Dog Life Jacket is the best option for keeping your dog at his ease and comfort. It allows your dog natural movement without any hindrance. The space for the head is kept full and comfy for the dog to feel secure while swimming and moving is head right and left. The material is reliable because it has passed the CA65 test. Moreover, this pet life jacket is extra, durable, and reliable.


  • New sports-style design enables your do to move, stay active, and play with ease.
  • The material is safe for long-time swimming or other water sports.
  • Made of upgraded ripstop 600D oxford cloth which is long-lasting.
  • Heavy-duty fastening system.
  • Available in a large variety of colors and designs.
  • highly visible with bright colors and reflective stripes.


  • Some sizes of this lifejacket do not fit as described.

5. EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket (DFD)

Often searching for an extra-large dog life jacket can be hectic. You need to find something that does not fool your dog. His massive body gets snug and comfy vest that lets him swim out of the water without any trouble. If this is all true about your do, this EzyDog Doggy Floating Device is just the right selection for your dog.

This is a high-performance lifesaving vest. It is specially made to be a perfect fit for dogs who are high performers. The vest is extensively tested for comfort and durability. So, if you need a German Shepherd life jacket or dachshund life jacket, you check this product and read all of its pros and cons to make a sensible decision.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Added with 50 percent more floating material
  • Neoprene straps with several adjustment levels
  • Helps in better floating even in difficult waters
  • Easy rescue with ergonomic integrated top grab handles
  • Highly visible straps for clear night vision


  • Very expensive
  • In some uses, the vest did not last long

6. Queenmore Dog Life Jacket, Ripstop Life Vest for Small, Middle, and Large Dogs

Before you ask where to buy dog life jackets, you need to know why you need a lifejacket for your dog. Is it for swimming in open water bodies and water sports? Is it for swimming in your home pool?

If you need a pet life jacket for swimming in open rivers and water sports, you need to search for a long-lasting and robust lifejacket that doesn’t disappoint you. Queenmore Dog Life Jacket is the right fit for water sports and long-distance swimming.

The jacket comes with a shark-like fin on the top, which assists in swimming. Also, it increases the invisibility of the pup in water. This snug and a sturdy jacket is durable and serves the purpose of saving your dog from any potential danger in the water.

This can be the best dog life vest for your active and playful dog. The Velcro fasteners keep it in place without causing any discomfort while swimming. You can read the pros and cons to know this product better.


  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Quick-release buckles make it hassle-free to attach the vest to your dog.
  • It is made of ripstop polyester; it can be used as a winter coat
  • The low-profile handle on the top makes it more useful to grab your dog out of water or save him from any potential danger


  • Not a large variety of colors available
  • Not suitable for hot climate

7. Petacc Dog Life Jacket Pet Floatation Vest Dog Lifesaver

This is another best dog life jacket that you should consider when you search for a durable and reliable life jacket for your dog. This is made of high-grade fabric and is tear-resistant. Its breathable mesh helps quick drying and keeping your dog safe from too much wetness.

This Petacc lifesaver is added wit sturdy buckles, which you can use with standard leash also. If you are going to the beach or planning to play water sports, this life jacket can be the best choice for your dog.


  • Solid straps
  • More features in affordable price
  • Neck strap thick and durable for extra protection
  • Suitable for you to accompany you in water sports
  • Sturdy rescue handle
  • Practical floating design added with a shark fin and tail
  • Attractive design with shark features like teeth and eyes


  • Not a large variety of colors and designs
  • Not for small breeds

8. AOFITEE Dog Life Jacket Pet Safety Vest

If you are in search of a small dog life vest, this high-performance dog life jacket can be your preferred pick.

The Polyethylene Foam added to it makes it more user-friendly for eager swimmers. The fabric is highly durable and robust. The reflective straps and bright yellow colors make you visible at any time of the day or night.

You only need to adjust the vest until it is comfortably snug on the body of your pup. After that, your dog can play in water and swimming without any fear or risk. Those who have a dachshund can also use this product. Its features make it a perfect, dachshund life jacket.


  • High-grade oxford & nylon fabric
  • Added with a D-ring hook for attaching a leash
  • Bright colors for easy visibility
  • Also suitable for large dogs because it is available in a wide array of sizes
  • Affordable price


  • Not highly durable

9. PAWABOO Reflective Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

This is a high-quality life jacket for your pup. It keeps your puppy ready for all sorts of water sports and activities. It provides ultimate buoyancy and keeps your dog well-protected on the water. It has a hook and loop closure. You can adjust the straps and buckles to make it fit the contours of your dog’s body.

This neoprene dog life jacket offers enhanced safety to your pup. It also has high-density EPE padding for maintaining high buoyancy. Because it is a neoprene dog vest, it is added wit breathable mesh lining to keep your comfortable. However, you can use it as an ordinary vest for your pup if you remove the EPE padding.


  • More features in one life jacket
  • Comfortable for every pup
  • This neoprene dog vest is for extra safety
  • Can be connected with a leash
  • Durable


  • Sizes do not match with their prescribed pups weight

10. HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver

HAOCOO makes a life jacket for dogs very durable and reliable. The adorable shark fin design allows it to be a better aid for swimming. At a time when the model is fun, the safety features are also complete. It is considered the best dog life jacket you can buy for your pup.

The material is combined with nylon, cotton, polyester, and mesh. This makes it an excellent choice for summer and winter both. The quick-release buckles do not let your pup wait for long until you are done. Its D-ring hook helps you attach the leash also.


  • Low price and it’s attractive design to let your dog stand out among its peers.
  • Easy to get it on and off your pup.
  • Large handle on the top for a firm and steady grip.


  • Some customers complain that the prescribed size does not fit.
  • Fewer options in sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

The life jacket is meant to protect your pup from accidents and risks. You can let your dog wear it whenever you are taking him with you for a trip to the beach or going for boating, kayaking, surfing, or swimming. You can also keep it with you when you are going camping with your dog. A life best that is also usable as a winter coat is best for such adventures.

The primary purpose of a life vest is to protect your dog from the risk of drowning. Though dogs know swimming by their instinct in many situations when the water is deep, or the water current is fast, they face the danger of drowning. So, even if your dog knows how to swim, but for him, a life vest to save his life from fatal accidents.

You also need a life jacket for your dog when you are training him to swim. While e is under training, you need to keep him safe from any accident. And a life jacket is the best choice for that.

For making your dog accustomed to wearing a life jacket, you need to be very accurate in taking the size of your dog. Measure its body length, starting from the nape of its neck till the base of its tail. Extra care is needed in measuring the chest area because it is the part where you fix the straps. It should not be irritating or painful for your dog to wear the belts on his chest.

Some dogs have a large chest, and they need a more significant size vest for feeling safe and snug. So, measure the chest of your dog accurately before you settle on the size of the vest that you are going to buy. When you buy the jacket, show it to your dog and let him sniff it more than once at different times before you try it on him. If you have been using a harness for your dog, he will likely accept to wear the life jacket without any resistance.

Do not forget to keep a few treats ready for your pup when you try the jacket for the first time. Encourage him to let you put on him the jacket. Never force on him the new thing which he is afraid of or unfamiliar with.

On the first day, let him wear it for a short while. If he tries to scratch it off or tries to chew it, distract him with something to eat. Keep him busy playing with a toy or a chewing object for a while. Pat him, encourage him with loads of kind words, and give him a treat when he stops scratching his jacket off. Let him move around the home in his new jacket for a while and praise him a lot when you remove the jacket after a few minutes. And of course, give him a treat!

For the first time in-water experience, take your dog to a shallow water area. Take him to paddle for a while in the water with his new jacket. Keep praising him and giving him a treat each time he listens to your commands. If he shows comfort and joy in water, throw a familiar object in the water and ask him to retrieve it. Shower him with praise and treats when he gets it for you.

When your dog starts showing confidence in shallow water, slowly increase the depth of water. And show your happiness each time he is compliant.

In case your dog is not comfortable wearing the jacket, do not force it on him. Take a more extended time to make him feel familiar with it. Train him gradually and with love and rewards.

When you get the new jacket, open all of its straps and buckles. With your dog standing, place the jacket on his back. Keep it in the center. The jacket should be close to the base of his neck. First, wrap the neck panels around the neck. Then, do the belly straps with Velcro and buckles. Now, check if the jacket is just snug on his body, or it is too loose or too tight. If it is too loose, tighten the straps a little more until they are secure fit. Once again, check the straps and let your finer slip between the jacket and your pup’s body to ensure a comfy and secure fit. Now, your dog is ready for water adventures!

This can happen even if you have bought the best dog life jacket for your pup. Do not worry. Check all the edges and slip your finger between the edge and the body to see if it is too tight for the dog. Often a painful strap or tight fit makes your dog irritated, and he does not like to play and move with his jacket on.

If you have a small dog and the jacket is too big or bulky for him, he would not like it. So, ensure that you buy a jacket that is lightweight and smart for your pup.

All dog breeds need a Life Jacket even if they are great swimmers. This is a necessary tool especially manufactured for their safety. On boats and rafts, dogs can fall off in the water unexpectedly. That is why the American Kennel Club and the Coast Guard recommended it strongly.

Yes, they also need a life jacket because sometimes water current can be too fast or there is debris underwater, which can pose a danger to your dog. For water sports and long-distance swimming, your dog needs a life jacket to face the unforeseen challenges of water successfully.

Wash the life jacket of your dog each time he wears it for swimming in a river or a seaside. The water there contains more sand and mud, which can spoil the quality of the jacket if left unwashed thoroughly. You can wash it in the washing machine if the instructions clearly state that. Otherwise, wash it with detergent.

Check the seams and buckles often to repair if any damage happens. Keeping the life jacket in its best condition is a must, or it will lose its functionality and purpose of safety.

Always use the dog life jacket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the usage pattern strictly to keep the jacket in its best shape and function.

Final Thought (Conclusion)

A dog is a man’s best friend. At a time when you care for is food and health, take proper care of his safety as well. You need to get him a comfortable life jacket and snug for him. Finding the right jacket can a daunting process, but you can always read helpful reviews and details of where to buy dog life jackets online.

This information can guide you to the right choice for your dog. The above considerations are of 10 best jackets to assist you in finding a beautiful and comfy jacket for your canine fellow.



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