The Best Dog Water Fountains Review in 2020

You will put an end to this horrible possibility of dehydrating your dog and introduce them to the best dog water fountains. Dog water fountains are the solution to all your problems as they provide fresh, clean, and crisp drinking water to your dog at all times of the day.
best dog water fountains

Ensuring that your pet is living their best life while under your supervision is an immediate goal. Whenever you see anything that can be adjusted and perfected in their lives, it is your duty as their owner to go ahead and provide them with the most excellent experience they can ever have. When it comes to your pet dog and his/her drinking activities, you must be extra careful. Dehydrated dogs are not happy dogs. And usually, owners get a little careless when it comes to hydrating their dogs.

Today, you will put an end to this horrible possibility of dehydrating your dog and introduce them to the best dog water fountains. Dog water fountains are the solution to all your problems as they provide fresh, clean, and crisp drinking water to your dog at all times of the day. Regardless of whether you are present at home or not. So let’s talk about it further.

Why You Need A Dog Water Fountain?

There are many benefits and uses to getting a dog drinking fountain. One of the most significant advantages is how practical these fountains are. You can set them up in your outdoor area as well as your indoor area without any hassle. They look well with every type of décor, proving that you don’t have to go out of your way to set them up.

When it comes to your dog’s best interests, a large dog water fountain is the perfect way to provide them with a new and constant source of water. You no longer have to worry about leaving the house and your dog’s water supply finishing. A water fountain makes sure that there is an everlasting amount of water for your pet.

On top of that, water bowls can be tipped over or spilled while fountains reduce the risk of spills and messiness.

The Benefit of Pet Water Fountain Compare with Traditional Water Bowl

Different than a dog bowl brimming with water, a dog drinking fountain is something that every pet owner should own. Introducing a new way to provide fresh drinking water for your canine at all hours of the day, drinking fountains are safer than dog water bowls. Here’s why. Dog bowls that hold water for a prolonged period expose your dog to germs and bacteria that can breed in the stagnant atmosphere.

This will not only jeopardize your dog’s health but also provide there a breeding ground for mold and slime to develop in your dog bowl. Altogether it is highly unadvised to go for a dog bowl when providing a drinking source for your pet. Drinking fountains continuously circulate the water in them to aerate it and reduce the possibility of stagnancy and mold development.

Moreover, the water you place in the dog bowl is bound to finish at some point, and if you are out of your house at the time, then your dog will stay thirsty for a long while. An automatic dog waterer would remove this fear from your mind as it always provides fresh water for your dog at all times.

What Should You Consider To Buy Pet Water Fountain?

Before deciding to buy a dog water dispenser, there are a bunch of things you should consider beforehand. Below you will find detailed explanations of all of them:


The variety of water fountains for dogs out there is endless. However, the most significant difference between them all is the material that is used to construct them. You will find plastic fountains, ceramic ones, and even stainless steel types as well. Whichever one you pick is entirely your choice, depending on your budget.

Plastic drinking water fountains are known to be the most affordable ones to choose from. However, you should not compromise on your dog’s health for the sake of your budget. Ensure that the plastic used does not contain bisphenol A (BPA). On the other hand, stainless steel and ceramic fountains are known to be more durable and safer for your pet. But you will have to splurge a little more to acquire them.


When it comes to the size of the fountain you want to purchase, you will have to consider how much water your dog(s) intake. If you keep more than one dog, then no doubt, you will need a more prominent size fountain. Even if you only have one dog and he/she is a big one, then you will need to purchase a more significant water fountain.

The capacity of your dog water dispenser should also depend on how frequently you are around to fill up the tank. People who find themselves very busy during the day and do not have time to remember to fill their fountain tank should also decide to buy a big sized fountain. The bigger the fountain, the bigger the tank; hence you do not have to refill it all the time.


Purifying the water your dog drinks is also a crucial task of water fountains. That is done with the help of filters. When choosing your drinking fountain for dogs, you will find ones with carbon filters and more. Make sure to purchase the one that filters your dog’s drinking water best.

Easy Cleaning

Yes, fountains are more functional and cleaner to use when compared to dog bowls. However, that does not mean that you are free from maintaining and cleaning them. You must make it a habit to clean your automatic dog waterer regularly. This is also a highly important part of buying a drinking fountain for your dog. The best one would be the one you can disassemble and reassemble easily so you can find it less of a hassle to clean it frequently.


All drinking fountains work with the help of a pump that keeps the water circulating healthily. However, this does come at a price because most fountains release an excellent lot of noise while going about their business. If your fountain releases a lot of noise while functioning, you might want to place it somewhere far away from where your pup snoozes.

Design and Appearance

You should never compromise on your entire interior or exterior décor. You will find many outdoor water fountains and indoor water fountains for dogs to match with your design and color scheme. Just because you want to represent your dog’s best interests, that does not mean you must compromise on anything else. Pick out a fountain that matches the vibe and color of your entire house’s outlook.

Our Recommendation of The Best Dog Water Fountain

We will review pet water fountain into four categories:

  • Indoor Dog Water Fountain
  • Outdoor Dog Water Fountain
  • Automatic Dog Waterer
  • Step-on Water Fountain For Dogs

The Best Choice for Outdoor Dog Drinking Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor Dog Fountain

Undoubtedly, the best outdoor dog water fountain, the PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain, can hold up to 450 ounces at a time or you could choose PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Water Fountain if need small capacity (like 64, 128, and 168 ounces). It features a free-falling stream technology that is known to entice your dog to drink more automatically. The option to replace the carbon filter in your drinking fountain helps in increasing the longevity of your item; hence you can keep it around for longer…get your money’s worth.

The UV resistant plastic used in manufacturing the fountain allows it to stay for long hours in the outdoors without ever being affected by it. Even though the fountain can be used indoors as well, it is a perfect choice for your outdoors. This item is also dishwasher safe and devoid of BPA, making it a safe and fantastic opportunity for your canine friend.

Key Features:

  • 450 OZ water capacity
  • Free-falling stream
  • Replaceable carbon water filter
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

Our Runner-Up of Outdoor Pet Water Fountain

MOSPRO Pet Flower Water Fountain

Blue, the color of life! Blue, the color that every pet loves! The Mospro Pet Flower Water Fountain is bound to attract your pet to drink more water and hydrate themselves more often because of its appealing design. This fountain is food-grade certified, meaning it is super clean and hygienic that your pets could never be endangered if they utilize it. It has storage space for water that is good to use up to one whole month.

The fountain has three flow settings to make it all the more attractive and inviting for your pet. You can choose between a gentle fountain mode, a flower bubble, and a waterfall design.

Key Features:

  • 2-litre capacity
  • Food-grade certified material
  • Silent processing
  • Low energy consumption (2W)
  • 3 water flow settings
  • Replaceable filters included

Other Outdoor Dog Water Fountain That Should Consider

PetSafe Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

Your pets, whether big or small, one or multiple, will adore the PetSafe Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/Outdoor Fountain. This large dog water fountain has a capacity to hold up to 192 ounces of water and features a free-falling stream of water design to constantly have your pet’s attention. This sort of fountain is perfect for when you need to make your pet hydrate themselves more.

It also has an automatic refill feature, which is if you hook it up to a hose you don’t ever have to worry about personally filling the water tank up. It will independently take the responsibility to do that.

Key Features:

  • 192 OZ capacity
  • Includes replaceable carbon water filter
  • Automatic refills (when a hose is attached)
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Dishwasher safe

The Best Choice For Automatic Dog Waterer

Bergan Pet Waterer Automatic

The Bergan Pet Waterer Automatic is a perfect example of what you need to acquire if you are an incredibly busy person who owns a pet. It can be hooked up to a standard garden hose and is of the considerable size of 10″ x 5″ x 11″.

The fresh flow of water that it provides for your pet at all times can put any pet owner at ease knowing their little furry friend is fully taken care of. The fountain can even be hooked up to a wall to make it more noticeable and save it from ground bugs and insects. Adjust your fountain’s water levels too by tweaking some settings in your fountains and voila! You have yourself a highly adjustable, functional and easy to maintain drinking fountain.

Key Features:

  • Spacious fountain of 10” x 5” x 11” dimensions
  • Works with a standard garden hose
  • A fresh and constant supply of water
  • Wall mounting feature

Our Runner-Up Of Automatic Dog Waterer

H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Waterer

Yet another great choice of automatic fountain this H20 Animal Hydration Flow Automatic Dog Water Bowl is made from the highest grade stainless steel along with a polypropylene cover. Simply hook this bad boy up to your garden house, it can store from ¼ of a gallon to 5 gallons of fresh crisp water for your pet to lap away at for days at an end.

Never worry about whether your dog has enough water to drink the next time you leave the house.

Key Features:

  • Made with heavy-duty stainless steel and polypropylene
  • Mechanical float valve included
  • Attaches to any garden hose
  • Capacity ranges from ¼ to 5 gallons

Other Automatic Dog Water Fountain That Should Consider

The H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy 2-Quart HomeLife Series

Sun resistant and easily cleanable you have all the necessary functions and features of one of the best dog water fountains in this one. The H2O Animal Hydration Aqua Buddy 2 is an automatic waterer that provides flawless service and is made of high-quality durable polypropylene. The modest design will not stick out too awkwardly next to your décor and all it needs is just a hose hooked up to it and it’s good to start functioning.

Key Features:

  • Works with any garden hose
  • A constant fresh supply of water
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Will not overflow
  • Has a capacity of 2 quarts

The Best Choice For Step On Water Fountain For Dogs

Paw Activated Dog Water Dispenser Pet Fountain

Step on water fountains is always more enjoyable for pets to use rather than the mainstream ones. They provide a fun and neutral environment for the dog to play and drink in. This Paw Activated Dog Water Dispenser Pet Fountain is bound to get your dog’s excitement peaked with its interactive design. You can independently set it up like that is quite an easy job. All you have to do is plug it up to a hose and watch as your dog joyfully jumps about and stimulates the fountain to quench their thirst.

Key Features:

  • Easily connected to any hose
  • A continuous flow of clean, freshwater
  • Durable hose
  • Strong metal base
  • High-quality paint increases rust resistance
  • Colorful paddle to step on stimulates dog’s curiosity
  • Very easy to set up

Our Runner-Up Of Dog Water Fountain Step On

Easy Paw Activated Drinking Pet Dispenser by TrioGato

Another high quality and easy to set up Outdoor Dog Drinking Water Step on Fountain you get the best of both worlds with this product. Shipped with the fountain are all the items needed to set it up so your dog can enjoy a seamless service from their personal jump-activated fountain. Made from heavy-gauge steel, this sort of fountain is made to last with its rubber suction pads at the base that keep it in place as your dog learns how to utilize it. The leak-proof copper valve just further reduces your worries as any leakage possibilities just got diminished to nothing.

Key Features:

  • Endless supply of clean freshwater
  • Self-serviced fountain
  • Made of heavy gauge steel
  • Leakproof copper valve
  • Rubber friction pads on the base for stability

Other Step On Dog Water Fountain That Should Consider

Pet Laugh Automatic Dog Waterer Step-on Outdoor

This is no battery operated pet fountain dog but an “UPDATED VERSION” of Pet Laugh Automatic Dog Waterer Step-on Outdoor that requires no electrical setup or function. It is incredibly easy to use and set up. Made from heavy-gauge steel and solid brass, the fountain is heavy so it can stay stable on the ground while your dog jumps about it. It is attached with a 40-inch hose pipe allowing you to easily place it anywhere in your lawn/backyard.

Key Features:

  • No batteries needed
  • No electrical current needed
  • Instant and seamless access to freshwater
  • Made from solid brass and heavy-duty gauge steel
  • Hosepipe of 40 inches
  • Stable and heavy 4-pound fountain to increase stability

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Even after reading your fill about all the best dog water fountains there still must be those nagging questions at the back of your mind. Here are a couple answered for you:

Calcium deposits are bound to ruin your fountain’s great outlook. The white traces are also bound to eat into the material of the fountain and degrade the quality on the whole. The easiest way to clear away these persistent calcium traces is to soak all the white traces in vinegar. Then scrub it away as the vinegar will break down the calcium. There are some calcium lime removers (CLRs) sold in the markets too if you want to remove the calcium traces professionally.

These pesky insects tend to find their way into everything, don’t they? It is very easy to get rid of them and clear them out of your dog’s drinking fountain. First, it is important to understand that mosquito larvae usually target those bodies of water that are still for a long period of time.

So make sure your fountain is constantly running and the pump is working perfectly fine. If you find traces of larvae in your fountain, empty it completely and give the whole thing a rinse with water laced with apple cider vinegar. ACV is safe for dogs and can act as an antibacterial. Rinse the fountain multiple times before filling it up again for your dog to drink.

Not possible…under one condition. If you keep your fountain clean and well-maintained there will not be a possibility of parasites breeding in it. Keep the water circulating with the help of the pump and if you have a large dog water fountain make sure you empty the water and refill it every 3-4 days.

According to renowned researches and studies from the FDA, dog bowls should be cleaned and washed every two days. Seeing as dog bowls hold water for long periods of time and the water is pretty still and at risk of getting stagnant, every two days sounds about right. However, when it comes to a drinking fountain for dogs, you should make it a habit to wash them every 4-5 days.

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