Tips to Teach Your Dog to Eat From the Bowl

Teach Your Dog to Eat From the Bowl

The moment you bring a sweet little puppy into your home, he eventually becomes the most lovable member of the family. As he started growing, the meal has become an essential asset for your puppy’s proper development. Although, your pet has got all of his nutrition from his mother’s milk initially. Now, it’s the time comes when he needs to learn how to eat from a dog bowl.

It will not only make life easier for you once your pet learns to eat from his bowl, but it also makes it easy to keep a much closer eye on how much your dog eats. Although it is challenging to teach a pet to eat from a dog bowl, it also bring benefits such as while training your dog to eat from his bowl is a great exercise in discipline for both of you too, it helps you to teach your dog some basic commands such as ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ etc.

Teaching a dog to eat from his bowl also reduces the risk of your dog being injured. Significantly, if your dog has a habit of rushing to get his meal. To make the training session easier for your dog, there are many custom dog bowls available in the market nowadays. You can also check out high-end dog bowl or luxury dog bowls from the pet bowls shop to help your dog get attracted to it.

Defining Tasks:

Teaching your furry friends to eat from his bowl only is not an easy task; also, if he has developed bad eating habits over many years, it would be more difficult. You need to take several steps to make him stop eating anywhere else. It would be best if you started using obedience commands to regain control and cement your position as a leader.

While training, you can use food and treats to motivate him or use that as a reward after he finishes eating in a dog bowl. You can start with the basic idea by teaching your puppy that the only place he should eating is from the bowl. At the same time, teach him not to rush his meal and fix the specific time to put his food in front of him.

There is no specific age for a dog to teach him eating from his bowl, but the sooner you get started, the easier the training would become. Also, whatever the command or phrase like “come eat” or “its dinner time!”. Ensure that you stick to use that command each time you call your dog for a meal. And, always put the food in front of your dog at the same place and time.

Getting Started With the Task:

Eating is a natural process, your dog eventually starts eating when he gets hungry, and there are few things you will need for the training to be successful.

  • To teach your dog to eat from the bowl you have bought, your dog needs to be hungry. Otherwise, you cannot teach him to eat from his bowl.
  • For the first time, you have to prepare your dog’s favorite food so that he would get attracted to it.
  • Fix a place or a spot to feed your dog each time.
  • Your dog will take his time to learn to eat from his bowl. No training happens overnight.
  • When at last, your dog finishes his meal from his bowl, always praise him or give him a treat as a reward.

New Bowl Method

Fresh Start – Purchase a new dog bowl. You can choose from the vast collection of fancy dog bowls available in the market. Select the new dog bowl, which helps to grab the attention of your dog towards it.

Choose Wisely– You need to select the dog bowl wisely. The metal bowl might slip all over the place when your dog tries to eat from it. It is advisable to try a smaller bowl as initially. The larger one might overwhelm him. When your dog is ready, you can eventually move to the giant dog bowl.

Choose the Right Spot– Select the right spot to offer him his meal so that your dog can eat his meal peacefully and in a quiet manner.

Jazz it up– Try to put your dog’s favorite food in the dog bowl to encourage him to eat from his bowl and praise him as he finishes his meal. Give a treat as a reward. You can start by offering his favorite chicken or any of his favorite meal.

Manage Mealtime– Always try to offer him food at the same time each day if you are consistent in providing him a meal simultaneously so he’ll know when to expect the food and be less inclined to go for searching food anywhere else.

Some Tips For Teach Your Dog to Eat From the Bowl

Patience is the key when it comes to providing training to your dog. Here are some tips that will help you teach your dog to eat his meal from the bowl and feel comfortable at the same time.

  • Ensure that your dog is in good mood for training and that he must be hungry, attentive, and calm while you are about to train him.
  • Try to grab your dog’s attention by putting his favorite meal into the luxury dog bowl you have bought for him and showing him a dog treat to get attracted to it.
  • Use some commands like ‘come,’ ‘sit,’ and don’t confuse your dog using too many commands. Stay on 2 to 3 commands and choose them carefully.
  • If you have some other pets in your home, keep them away while you train your dog. They might get confused and can distract your dog. To keep your dog in the right frame of mind, keep the other pets away during training time.


While giving training to your dog, you need to take several steps. It is not like a walk in the park. The above tips will surely help you train your dog to get his meal from his dog bowl and make your work easy. Many pets are impatient. They jump, run around when they feel hungry. The above tips will teach your dog the essential virtue of patience, especially concerning food.

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