What is The Best Dewormer Medicine for Puppies?

Honestly, choosing a best deworming medicine for puppies can be overwhelming. But by just considering these products and tips, you will surely get rid of those worms and get back the healthy and happy state of your beloved puppy.
Dewormer Medicine for Puppies

If you are got told by your vet that your puppy has worms, or if there is a presence of worms in your puppy’s vomit or poop, then this scenario will surely scare you and will make you look for the best dewormer medicine for puppies quickly.

Our previous article entitled “How to tell if a puppy has worms”, we have enumerated the ways on how to tell if your puppy is infested with worms. If your puppy is experiencing these symptoms:

  • an appetite change
  • rapid weight loss
  • vomiting, excessive coughing
  • loneliness
  • diarrhea
  • the presence of worms in poop and anus
  • bloating
  • loss of luster in the coat
  • frequent rubbing of their rear parts

Then it might be the time to start exploring your options on what deworming medication to choose.

The presence of internal parasites in your dogs such as worms has a cure. But you should not neglect it but instead, do all that you can to treat. If worms are left untreated, these can cause more severe complications to your dogs and puppies. These may worsen the uncomfortable conditions they have been experiencing and can also lead to more health issues or even death.

Should I be worried if my puppy has worms?

A good puppy owner should really worry upon discovering their puppies are infested with worms. If your dog is infested with worms, the best thing that you can do is to send their puppies to the nearest veterinarian and check out their current wormy situation. The most common thing to do to treat these worms is prescribing the most effective dog dewormer pills for your puppy.

How to choose the best deworming medication for your puppy?

The good thing about dog deworming medications is that they can be easily bought over the counter, at your nearest pet supply stores, or even at online pet stores. The leading brands of dog deworming medications come as chewable tablets that can be easily mixed with their dog foods or milk or be manually placed in their mouths.

Deworming pills are the most common and the best kind of treatment if your puppy is infested with worms. However, you should carefully choose a deworming medication as puppies require a different medication or dosage because of their young age and petite body size.

What is the best dewormer medicine for puppies?

There are a lot of deworming medicines to choose from. However, not all of them can be very effective to your puppy as it cannot cure all kinds of worm infestations.

1. Safeguard Dog Dewormer

Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer for Dogs

Safeguard dog dewormer, with its active ingredient fenbendazole, is proven to be effective in getting rid of worm infestations.

This deworming medicine has a very mild effect on your puppies. It is available in several forms like liquid, cream or granules or pills that can be easily combined with your dog’s food.

Its mild nature makes it very perfect to be used even for newly born puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs, and young puppies as well.

It can efficiently combat several kinds of worms such as whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms. However, it is not very effective for puppies that have tapeworms especially the echinococcus and Dipylidium species or if your dog like to eat dead carcasses.

Fenbendazole, safeguard’s active ingredient, becomes more effective if it is taken on a full stomach. That is why you should mix it with their dog food. Make it even more effective by refrigerating the Safeguard pills for a couple of hours before the dosage, as it makes it tasteless and odorless, making the dosage hassle-free even to the most picky-eating dogs.

However, be reminded that the mildness of Safeguard requires your dog to take it on three successive days.

2. Bayer Expert Care Quad Dewormer

Bayer Dog DewormerBayer Expert Care Quad Dewormer’s active ingredient, praziquantel, is proven to be very effective against tapeworms, making it very perfect to be partnered with Safeguard.

This deworming medicine is also perfect for use to puppies that are frequently scavenging for carcasses. However, if they are scavenging on a daily or weekly basis, then it is recommended to deworm them every month, if possible.

3. Drontal Dog Deworming Tablets

Drontal Dog Deworming Tablets

Drontal Dog Dewormer’s unique and delicious bone shape tablets make it very attractive to puppies and dogs alike. Its active ingredients namely febantel, praziquantel, and pyrantel make it very perfect in treating roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm infestations.

4. Fidos Closasole Broadspectrum Dewormer

If you have a lot of dogs or puppies who are in need of regular deworming, then Fidos Closasole will be the perfect one for you as it comes in a pack of 100 tablets.

5. Nemex 2

Nemex 2 is perfect for use in puppies as they can be used to pups as young as two weeks old. This medicine is very excellent in treating a species of roundworm known as Toxocara, as most puppies are born infested with this kind of roundworm even they are still in the womb of their mothers. This also comes in liquid form, and the recommended usage is a teaspoon per 10 pounds of their body weight.

This is just but some of the best dewormer medicine for puppies that can be brought to all leading pet stores. However, you must be wary of the following:

  • Each of these deworming medicines also contains different active ingredients. That is why you should not entirely rely on them as they cannot kill all kinds of worm infestations.
  • For you to know which product will work best and most effective for your puppy’s current worms situation, a fecal analysis can be done to identify what kinds of worms are there in their digestive system.
  • Make weighing your dog a regular habit.
  • Do an accurate dosage of the deworming medicine. Too little can be ineffective, while too much can be fatal.
  • If you chose to buy your deworming medicine online, make sure that all security and freshness seals are still intact and there are no signs of tampering.

Honestly, choosing the best dewormer medicine for puppies can be overwhelming. But by just considering these products and tips, you will surely get rid of those worms and get back the healthy and happy state of your beloved puppy. Please read our another article “How to Deworm a Puppy Naturally?” if you would like to use organic medicines to dewormer your dogs.

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