What is The Best Dry Puppy Food for Small Breed Dogs?


We dog lovers really want the best for our puppies, and we give utmost importance to what they eat. The food that they eat will provide them with the energy to make us happy and entertained, be our buddy and also everything he needs to grow. Many new dog owners might wonder what will be the best puppy food for small breed dogs. Technically, it depends on what kind of food you think is the most suitable for your puppy. But with the broad array of commercial dog food products available on the supermarket shelves, this article will help you choose the perfect puppy food for small breed dogs.

When will my puppy be ready to eat dry food?

Puppies should still be consuming milk from their mothers for the first 6 to 8 weeks, as mother’s milk contains the most essential vitamins, minerals, and antibodies that help strengthen the immune system of your puppy. Your puppy will start trying dry, solid foods when they are about four weeks old. This will be the perfect time to introduce them to dry solid foods partnered with their milk. You can also try adding some water to the dry foods, making it into a porridge-like food for them to digest and eat them easier while reducing the amount of water as they become older.

What to look for in a dry puppy food?

For us to determine what is the best dry puppy food for small breed dogs, we devised a criterion to make it easier. The best puppy food should not contain harmful and unapproved chemical preservative or meat ingredient, artificial coloring ingredient, animal fats, meat-based protein, correct fat to protein ratios and just the right amount of carbohydrates.

How to make sure your puppy food is safe and good for your puppy?

You only have to look for the AAFCO nutritional adequacy every time you buy your dog food. It can be seen in every package or packs of dog food. This is to ensure you that it is safe for consumption of your dogs and that it provides a complete and balanced diet.
You should also look for this paragraph to know the concentrations of a specific dog food:
“This product is complete and balanced to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for…”

Is it okay if I feed my puppy a dog food made for adult dogs?

No. You should not feed your puppy with an adult dog food, as adult foods can have too much or too fewer nutrients which a puppy needs for his growth.

Benefits of choosing dry over wet puppy foods?

For starters, dry dog food is way much cheaper compared to the wet ones. Also, it doesn’t have that no-so-good smell. Wet ones are also laden with fillers to make it more affordable but don’t give the right nutrition for your puppy. Dry puppy food also contains the best kind of meat for your puppy to have all the important protein, vitamins and minerals that will help them grow better.

What is the best dry puppy food for small breed dogs?

1. Grain-free dry food for puppiesgrain-free-puppy-food

Dogs do not have any problem when it comes to digesting grains, but some puppies cannot digest them properly. Aside from this, some puppies are also allergic to some kinds of grains. That is why you must choose a dry puppy food without any grains on it.


2. Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Food

Grains are the most prominent source of carbohydrates. But since puppies are not adapt to it, alternatives such as pumpkins and sweet potatoes are utilized by this kind of puppy food to be its main source of energy. It also contains a large volume of chicken as its source of protein. It also contains omega fatty acids and nutrients for your puppy to have a healthy skin and promote better growth.


3. Hills Science Puppy Food

Hills Science dry Puppy Food

Hills Science Puppy Food contains the best ingredients that can be easily digested by puppies, as their stomachs are not yet fully developed. It includes chicken, pork, and barley, that will provide fat and protein to your puppy. It also provides Vitamins C and E to strengthen your puppy’s immune system, DHA, which is one of the most beneficial omega fatty acids and other vital nutrients that will make your puppy healthier.


4. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Dry Food for Puppies

royal-canin-dry-foodThis puppy food for small dogs is specially formulated to promote the digestive and oral health of your puppies, more specifically in maintaining the teeth of your puppies. While this dry puppy food contains meat that is easy to digest, it also includes grains such as wheat gluten and corn. So you have to make sure that your puppy is not allergic to these kinds of grain before serving it to them.


5. Castor and Pollux Dry Puppy Food

Free-Grain-Dry-Puppy-FoodThis dry puppy food for small dogs is certified by the USDA to be wholly organic made and uses organic ingredients. This is perfect for dog owners that are conscious of what their puppies eat. Its the main ingredient is chicken, thus making you sure that your puppy receives all the protein and fat it needs, plus complete nutrition to provide him everything that he needs.


Organic dog foods can be quite expensive, but rest assured that what your puppy eat is the safest and the most effective dog foods available on the market.

Every puppy is unique, and each of them has their own requirements when it comes to what they eat. That why it is very important for you to choose the best puppy food for small dogs as it has the most significant effect on your puppy’s health and well-being. You should also remember that you must only change your puppy’s diet slowly and gradually, as a sudden change in their diets can cause indigestion and stuttered growth. Your puppy deserves the best food, so you must choose wisely.

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