Capstar Flea Treatment for Dogs: A Product Review

As a dog owner, one of the weariest things to deal with is NOT potty training. Instead, it is the God awful flea infestations that start of nowhere. Let me tell you how I dealt with these pesky pests and how I eliminated them from the comfort of my home with Capstar flea medicine.

The History Of Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment

It does not strike anyone as strange or news that fleas and dogs go way back. Way back! Dogs are very active creatures and they are all the time romping around in places that are none of their business. This invites certain pests and insects to cling to their fur and call it home. Moreover, a dog’s furry coat is also quite a convenient spot for fleas and ticks because of how warm and cozy it can be. Besides that they can also breed in there, hide from predators and have a constant source of food available at all times.

However, the presence of fleas in a dog’s life leads to far worse complications than some may think. The bites of these fleas and ticks can spread infection and cause loss of fur (from consistent itching in that area by the dog) and even Lyme disease in some cases. So, over the years people have invented ways to keep their dogs safe and flea free.

Capstar flea treatment for dogs is known to be the most popular and easy to administer medicines for dog fleas. It is a non-prescription (OTC) product that is manufactured by a Swiss pharmaceutical company that started in 1966. Capstar flea medicine comes in the form of a small oral tablet that has no specific flavor and can either be ingested directly by your dog or incorporated in their food.

The medicine is approved by the FDA and can be used on almost all types of dogs (from the weight aspect). Capstar flea treatment for dogs is a popular and much-liked type of medication thus it is available in different forms for different dogs: for large dogs and for small dogs. The pill’s dosage is once every two.

How To Administer Capstar Flea Treatment For Dogs

Your pet dog is only liable to intake Capstar flea treatment for dogs if he or he is elder than 4 weeks as well as has a body mass of over 2 pounds. Anything lesser than that will probably cause adverse effects and will do more harm than good. When purchasing your medication make sure you select the proper type of medicine. As I have mentioned before, this medicine is available for big and small dogs. More specifically dogs that have a body mass from 2 to 25 pounds and others that weigh from 25.1 to 125 pounds.

If you choose Capstar flea medicine for a small dog on a big dog then it will not be as potent and will bring about absolutely no change. So make sure to select the proper type. However, if you are handling dogs that weigh more than 125 pounds then you will have to come up with a specific combination of tablets. It is advised that you get assistance from a vet so as you don’t make your dog overdose. For dogs that weigh 2 to 25 pounds then you have to give them 1 tablet of 11.4 mg every day or 2 days (as you plan their dosage). On the other hand for dogs between 25.1 and 125 pounds provide them with 1 tablet of 57 mg every one or two days.

Here’s below table for Capstar Dosage for Dogs:


After one dose of the Capstar flea treatment for dogs, you will be able to witness major changes in the flea infestation that has taken place on your dog’s fur. After not less than 4 hours from the time you gave your pet the tablet, you can start noticing changes. Capstar flea treatment for dogs is quite safe, and if flea infestation begins once more, you can start the medication as well again.

Since Capstar is an oral type of medication, all you have to do is place it directly in the mouth of your dog and make sure he or she swallows it. If you intend to hide the tablet in the food, then you have to ensure that the dog swallows it and it completely disappears from plain sight.

At times, there will be some conflict as to if Capstar flea medicine works or not, and that entirely depends on how you choose to approach the flea situation. If you have more than one dog at home, then treat them all even if you are not sure if they are infected or not. If you have a cat, treat it as well (Capstar provides tablets for cat flea infestations as well). On top of that, clean your entire house with the proper chemicals and cleaning agents as fleas and ticks can also nest in small nooks and crannies until provided with a chance to settle in your dog’s fur once more. So maybe if they leave your dog alone for some time, they could return.

To eliminate that threat, do a complete cleaning of your house and do not leave any surface untouched with some flea removal product if your dog has a cage/house in your garden or home, then clean that as well as much as you can. Moreover, if your dog has a pet bed, cushion, mat, or toys that they used to play with when they were infested…throw them all out!

All these belongings of your dog could be infested, and they can produce more fleas if left lying around. Bring your dog more toys or beds, but throw out the old ones to ensure that you never face a flea problem once more.

What Users Are Saying About Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets for Dogs

The majority of users who use Capstar flea medicine correctly and according to instructions have seen a significant improvement in their dogs’ life and behavior. With the help of shampoos and dog flea collars, the oral tablet proves to be very helpful and reduces the flea infestation in all dogs by 99% if not 100%.

On the other hand, it is common for some to see negative user reviews of Capstar for dogs side effects
as dogs can also show bad side effects such as vomiting and excessive scratching after taking medicine. But no worries, this is a temporary sort of issue.

Key Features of Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment

There are many things about Capstar flea treatment for dogs that makes it such an easy and accessible option for dog owners. First and foremost is that you do not need a vet’s prescription to administer it. And the fact that it is so widely distributed that means it is safe and not harmful for the majority of dog breeds. However, if an issue arises for you and your dog, then there are other sections below in this review to help you out with that.

Capstar flea treatment for dogs is safe for pregnant and nursing dogs as well to use. This proves to be especially helpful before your dog gives birth as you want to make sure she is completely flea free before she welcomes her babies in the world. If baby dogs get infested with fleas, then your problems will increase in number. Make sure you complete your dosage and treatment of your dog before she is set for labor.

Capstar flea treatment for dogs acts pretty quickly as in the space of fewer than 5 hours, you can quickly and easily find all the fleas that have been infesting your dog…dead.

Active Ingredient

It is always important to know what the main ingredient in such medicines is. Dog owners should be aware of what exactly their dogs are intaking and how is it helping them. So it is only natural that you are curious.

Capstar flea treatment for dogs’ main active ingredient that does all the dirty work (that we can’t thank it enough for) is nitenpyram for dogs. This is a chemical that works most simply ever, and you must have heard of it before. Nitenpyram, when ingested, releases a specific chemical in the dog’s bloodstream that makes the blood toxic for the flea. It is no way interferes with your dog system and nor is it harmful to him or her.

Nitenpyram for dogs is quite potent and can kill up to 100% of all adult fleas that are clinging on to your dog for dear life. A study conducted in 2003 proved that to be correct. However, it is worth mentioning that this medicine does not eliminate the threat of flea eggs, so you will have to use a combination of Capstar flea treatment for dogs and dog flea shampoo to rid your dog of this horror completely.

Ease Of UseCapstar flea treatment for dogs is pretty easy to ingest for the dog, but sometimes dogs can be stubborn and refuse to take it. In this case, it is advised that you grind the tablet to a powder then add it to their food. As some dogs can literally throw the tablet right back up if they feel like they swallowed something foreign. So make sure you make the tablet as nonexistent as possible and ensure that the dog intakes one tablet completely.


Sometimes, and very rarely, dogs can face some adverse side effects from the medicine. That usually means that your dog either has a certain kind of allergy or could have been poisoned by Capstar flea treatment for dogs by some negligence on your behalf. If any negative symptoms start showing on the dog-like hives or fever, then call a vet right away. Make sure you always read the label on the packet.

Store the medicine at room temperature in a dry place and out of the reach of children. The medicine is strictly and only for pets. Another symptom that many people complain from is that their pet dogs start itching like crazy after the medication has been ingested. That is completely normal because the fleas are just extracting themselves, and that can be an itchy process for the dog.

This medicine is NOT for pets under the weight of 2 pounds.

Pros Of Capstar Flea Treatment For Dogs

  • Quick and guaranteed results
  • The unflavored tablet makes it very convenient as many medications are usually bitter
  • Instant results can be seen within less than 24 hours
  • Medicine can be administered by pet owners themselves without the overlooking of a vet


Cons of Capstar For Dogs Side Effects

  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Panting
  • Seizures
  • Decreased appetite
  • Hyperactivity
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching and scratching
  • Trembling
  • Allergic reactions (nervous behavior, fever, drooling, being very vocal and hives)

Top 2 Capstar For Dogs Formula

The convenience of this medicine lies in how it adheres to all types of dogs. Below are the two types of this medication:

1. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Larger Dogs

This Capstar flea treatment for dogs comes in the form of 57 mg tablets and is fit for dogs that weigh above 25 pounds but less than 125 pounds.

2. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment For Small Dogs

You will find that this type of medication comes in the form of 11 mg tablets that are fit for dogs weighing above 2 pounds but less than 25 pounds.
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My Final Thoughts

Capstar flea treatment for dogs is a very efficient and useful type of medication that many have used, including myself, and it is very useful in lessening the issues that we as dog owners face. If you still looking the best topical product for fleas & tick treatment, you could read our previous article “Best Topical Flea and Tick For Dogs – A Complete 2019 Guide for Pet Owners“.

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