How Essential Is Dog Obedience Training?


The Importance Of Training Your Dog To Be Compliant

Even though the famous author Nora Roberts once said “Everything I know I learned from dogs.”, It is extremely important to teach your dog to be obedient. My first experience with Bruno was really tough. It was my first dog and I was a young boy. I was just figuring out how to raise a dog the right way. A cute little Golden Retriever was the joy of my life. I was a new dog owner and my family was not aware of how to train the dog to be obedience. What followed was a plethora of issues that the family had not anticipated.

It was all fun and games in the beginning but it slowly delved into something extremely troublesome, Bruno was a fully-grown dog now but it was clear at first sight that he was devoid of any control mechanism. It would be extremely hard to make him follow commands. The only thing the family managed to do was to potty train the dog. Apart from that, It was a complete ruckus. That lesson taught me the importance of obedience training.

Why You Need Obedience Training For Your Dogs?

Dogs are pack animals; they learn and observe from the leaders of the pack and follow suit. A major chunk of the life learning our canine friends get is through us. It is important to convey the right values to ensure positive development. There are major benefits to teaching dog obedience. The best way to go about is to undergo Obedience Training.

The training is mainly focused on making sure the dog gets to know how to behave in a wide range of functional scenarios. Usually, the training is carried out at the earlier stages of a dog’s life to have maximum impact but it can be done later on for behavioral improvements as well.

The Benefit of Obedience Training For Dogs

Here are the biggest benefits of Obedience training in dogs.

  • Stronger Bond with Dog

The process of training your dog allows you to develop a much closer bond with your dog. Different processes carried out through the training procedure make sure that the dog respects your positions and that eventually makes the bond much stronger with your pet.

The process also involves an array of activities with your dog that are mutually fun for both you and the pet. These also help train the bet with basic activities such as feeding and the following instruction developing an intimate interactive way of making sure your dog knows how to follow your instructions.

  • Dog Safety

The right training can be a matter of life and death for your dog. In a lot of situations, untrained dogs can get into conflict frequently. This can occur with bigger dogs as well which can be extremely dangerous for the dog. There have been numerous cases of aggressive dogs getting hurt really badly or causing damage to other pets due to a lack of training. This can be an extremely bad social reflect aside from the possible legal repercussions it might have on you.

Having the right training can prevent these issues root and step by ensuring that the dog knows how to behave with other dogs in public scenarios. These activities can also help tone down the aggressive nature of the dogs massively. For the sake of safety, having the right training can make all the difference. It can also majorly impact your level of control over the pet in situations that are uncommon to you and the pet and can prevent any possible conflict due to your control over the pet.

  • Socialization
    A major aspect of having a dog is socializing with people and with other dogs. Having an obedient dog makes the right impact as it lets both the people and the dog feel comfortable in that environment and prevent the dog from making a ruckus. We have all been to a party where the dog gets out of control and that leads to a major distaste for both the animal and the party. The animal needs to be taken to an isolated place and the party gets disrupted. This can also reflect in socialization with other dogs where the dog can act in an unpredictable manner and cause a major negative reaction due to the dog behaving in an unusual way. The training can help the dog get acclimated to the act of meeting other dogs and learning interaction. This can prove to be a blessing and a charm as it leads to increased happiness in your life and the pet’s life. You could follow out tips how to sozialize puppy on this link.

As a dog owner, I have observed a lot of animal owners believing that one obedience training class years ago is enough to get their dog trained. There has been a major overhaul in the techniques that are used to Obedience train dogs over the past couple of years. Basic training moves like teaching a dog how to sit or stay at a certain place inside a house can be simple to learn. On the other hand, training dogs to do the same thing in public in the presence of another dog is an entirely different thing.

Without proper training, dogs are simply not trained enough to deal with a variety of scenarios that may occur. This can be an extremely risky situation as it can lead to awkward public moments as well as embarrassing events within the home. Over time these events can come together to be extremely bothersome.
As part of my training regime for Bruno, I had to practice several different methods in the presence of multiple other dogs. The purpose of the exercise was to ensure that Bruno was well taught on how to behave in a social manner in the presence of a plethora of different dogs. This situation is impossible to replicate in the comfort of my own home as staying at home cannot teach dogs how to behave in social environments. Dogs must be well behaved in public as it is really important for their well being and social integration.

A dog which is unable to be accompanied in public is not a well-trained dog. The only way to help dogs train for that kind of environment is to have proper training classes to make sure they are obedient in public as well.

Training Techniques and Approaches

There are major variations amongst different dog breeds in how they respond. A lot of dog breeds learn well from the traditional “jerk and praise” method utilizing a choke chain. That method, however, does not work for most dog breeds. Scientific understanding has allowed us to know that the psyche of canines differs from those of other breeds such as malamutes and terriers.

Obedience training also massively improves the trainability of dogs suffering from issues such as separation anxiety, inherent aggressive behaviors, and a visible lack of confidence. Good trainers do not limit the training to a single method. Effective training techniques take into consideration the individual personality of the dog and different elements while formulating the right techniques to train the dog. Some dogs require praise while others need a higher element of control.

These issues are more dominant and visible in adopted dogs due to separation anxiety and other intricate factors. Up to 25% of dogs can be moved into a different house due to behavioral issues. The benefits of Obedience training via socialization far outweighs the disease prevention strategy of isolation. Good trainers ensure proper vaccination to make sure that communicable diseases are prevented.

It is extremely important to learn about the trainer that is training the dog to gauge their behavior. A positive trainer can make a massive difference in the behavior of the dogs. Fun is also an important element as it keeps the dogs engaged in the training process.

Teaching the dog properly requires an element of trust. This stems from the dog respecting your position. Establishing that position will help massively in teaching the dog. A lot of tactics to assert that role are taught in Obedience training classes. When the position is asserted, the dog will not need to be scared to be taught. A dog is aware of the actions that please you will be self-confident. This is a major key in eliminating fear. Frightened animals are never properly obedient or capable of learning the right way.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of Obedience training in dogs should never be underestimated. Even though the effort is a relatively small investment in terms of time and resources, it has immense benefits. The resources put in at an early age of the puppies make great behavioral returns throughout your pets life. Not only do you get a self-confident, obedient pet but you also get to experience a better functional lifestyle without behavioral issues in the pet. This allows you to enjoy your life along with your pet as you carry daily activities.



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