How to Make a Dog’s Coat Shiny and Healthy?

how to make a dog's coat shiny

One of the first things people notice about dogs is their coat. This is perhaps the main reason many dog owners often inquire on how to make a dog’s coat shiny. A shiny coat makes a dog look healthy and more adorable.

Just like our skin and hair, the skin and coat condition of canines are reflective of their overall health. After all, the skin is the largest organ of a dog’s body making up at least 10% of a dog’s overall weight. This reason above underlines how crucial it is to take care of your dog’s coat and skin.

Importance of a shiny coat and skin in dogs

Healthy skin and coat not only make your dog look beautiful. But the significance of this organ in dogs goes deep down the roots.

The skin and coat also serve numerous roles such as:

  • Protection—as the largest organ of the canine’s body, the skin protects the underlying organs of the dog. It also provides a protective barrier against environmental stressors, chemicals, and other objects. The coat, on the other hand, provides insulation against the cold.
  • Immunity— the skin is also an integral part of the canine’s immune system as it protects his body against superficial injuries.
  • Nutrient storage—several nutrients are also stored in the skin such as protein, amino acids, collagen fibers, and enzyme. Dog hair also consists mainly of protein.

Thus, the ability of the skin to play these roles is compromised if it is not healthy.

Signs of unhealthy dog skin and fur

How would you know that your dog’s skin and fur are unhealthy? It’s quite a challenge especially when you are always with your dog. Specific changes in his skin and coat may not be noticeable at all. But keep an eye on these signs:

  • Dull fur. Like in humans, a shiny fur usually indicates good health and vigor in dogs. Does your buddy’s fur look dull? Is there a color change, especially if your pet has a dark coat that has suddenly changed to grey? If so, then it’s high time to change his diet or perhaps use a new shampoo.
  • Dry hair. Does your buddy’s hair appear to be dry? Does it often result in tangles that make grooming difficult? Then it could be due to various reasons like diet or using a shampoo with harsh and aggressive ingredients.
  • Bad Odor. Healthy dogs are bereft of odor. In fact, a healthy dog requires occasional bathing every 1-2 months. Frequent bathing can eliminate the natural oils from a canine’s coat.
  • Do you notice ugly flakes whenever you run your hands through your buddy’s fur? Then this is likely caused by dandruff. Those clumps are not only noticeable in his coat but throughout the areas that your buddy frequents.

Six Steps to Improve Your Dog’s Skin and Coat

So, how can you improve your dog’s skin and fur? There are plenty of ways to do so, from giving him the best shiny dog coat supplements, providing him with the best omega-3 fatty acids for dog skin and coat, to applying top rated shiny dog coat spray for easy-peasy grooming. Here are the six steps that you could do to improve your dog’s skin and coat:

  1. Improve Your Dog’s Diet.
  2. Give Omega-3 Oil.
  3. Use Natural Shampoo.
  4. Give coat and skin supplements.
  5. Use fleas and ticks treatment.
  6. Brush your dog every day.

1. Improve Your Dog’s Diet

Proper nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy and shiny fur. Protein is particularly important. Studies have shown that up to 30% of a dog’s protein intake goes to the maintenance of skin and fur. Thus, the more protein in your dog’s diet, the better his skin and fur would be.

Provide your buddy with dry food that is made of at least 21% protein. You should also examine the ingredient list. Dog foods with animal-based protein ingredients such as chicken, lamb, or egg are highly desirable for your pet.

2. Give Omega-3 Oil

One of the causes of dull, dry coat is the lack of Omega-3 fatty acid which nourishes the skin and promotes coat health. Research has shown that dogs who lack this fatty acid have disorganized skin, enabling harmful irritants to attack and damage the organ in the process.

Omega-3 not only promotes a healthy and shiny coat but also reduce itchiness and dandruff related to allergies. This fatty acid can also minimize inflammation and ease joint pains, especially in older dogs.

3. Use Natural Shampoo

Changing your dog’s shampoo may also do wonders for your pet’s hair and skin. Regular dog shampoos may contain artificial coloring and scent which may irritate his skin and cause harm over time. On the other hand, natural shampoos are gentle on canine skin.

Natural dog shampoos also soothe and moisturize the skin without stripping its natural oils. These shampoos are also natural to lather and rinse aside from leaving a pleasant smell.

When shopping for the best natural dog shampoo, find one with ingredients such as oatmeal, lemongrass, aloe vera, and green tea.

4. Give coat and skin supplements

Giving your pet skin supplements is yet another way for him to have a healthier, shinier coat. Consider getting canine skin products with vitamin A and B. Adding vitamin A can be beneficial especially in dogs who suffer from dry, scaly skin. B vitamins, meanwhile, prevent the development of brittle hair and crusty skin.

5. Use fleas and ticks treatment

Dog skin and fur won’t be healthy if it is being infested by fleas and ticks. The truth is that those pesky parasites find warmth in the thick hair of dogs. Perhaps the best way to get rid of fleas is to use fleas and ticks treatment.

6. Brush your dog every day

Just like human hair, dog fur needs to be brushed regularly. In fact, veterinarians say that brushing dog hair every day can do wonder for the canine’s coat. It gets rid of dead hair while distributing the natural oils of the dog’s body for a clean and healthy coat. Regular brushing also eliminates dead and dry skin.

In closing, the skin and coat of dogs play an essential role in the health of canines. It is only reasonable



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